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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Headsets On Parade

Newer colors, better performance and more upgrade options lead the headset pack

Manufacturer Model Weight (oz) Peak
Reduction (dB)
Cell Phone/MP3 Jack MSRP Comments
AirClassics HS-1A 19 23 no $149 Now with flex-boom; gold-plated plugs; dual volume controls; lifetime warranty
AC-747 13.4 24 no $260

Convertible for use in GA airplanes and helicopters
Avcomm AC-920 13.6 24 yes $295 White finish; ultralight Neodymium speakers
11.5 30 Yes—separate box included $429 German made; music auto mute; adjustable gain mic
Clarity Aloft
Link 1.5 47.5 peak at 6,000 Hz; 29.5 avg Yes—both wireless Bluetooth $795 Integrated multichannel Bluetooth
Clarity Aloft Pro 1.5 47.5 peak at 6,000 Hz; 29.5 avg Yes, MP3 jack; no, cell phone $695 TSO certified; no batteries
3100 16.0 34 no $235 Can fit inside Comtronics helmet; various cable configs; ICOM interface
David Clark
H10-13.4 16.5 24 no $330 TSO'd available in five configurations; noise canceling; amplified electret mic
David Clark H10-30 20.0 24 no $270 One of few headsets with dynamic mic; wire-type mic boom; DC quality at value price
David Clark H20-10 19.0 22 no $350 Constructed of extra-light composite materials; no overhead cord; unique styling
1001T 14.5 24 no $138 Mil-spec cabling; dual volume control; flex-boom
5DX 17.9 22 no $189 Polarfleece head pad; 30-day "fly and try" warranty
Flightcom Denali Blue 11.1 21 No $319 U.S. designed and manufactured; leather ear seals
Scarab/various models 20.0 n/a No $350 Helmet/headset integrated; Peltor makes ear cups; ideal for LSA or high noise
Pilot System 13.0 Up to 110 No; yes with adapters and splitter $750 Complete helmet and headset system; new increased attenuation of 8 dB; made in England
ND-71 14.3 26 No $100 Dual volume; gel ear seals; flex-boom; black color
Marv Golden
Eagle XL 11.5 24 Yes $120 Reversible boom; dual volume control; adjustable gain mic preamp
Nordica Sport GT 9.8 23 Yes $176 Electret noise-cancelling mic; comes in multiple colors
Peltor 7000 Pro GT 12.8 26 No $299 Deep ear cups; goose-neck boom; gel ear seals
Pilot USA
PA-2170BLU 10.9 26 Yes $400 "BluLink" Bluetooth cell phone and music adapter; lightest, quietest PNR sold
Pilot USA PA-1181T 13.4 23 Yes $195 PTT; stereo; cell phone/music adapter; all black; flex-boom
Rugged Air
RA-454 14.0 24 Music Jack $150 EM-56 cup mic; gold-plated plugs; PTT
HME-110 12.4 40 No $312 JTSO approval; simple, clean design; black finish
S-68 11.9 24 No $252 Gold titanium hardware; noise-cancelling M-81 condenser mic; gel ear seals; swappable child/adult headbands
Sigtronics S-58 11.9 24 No $240 Swappable child/adult headbands
C-10 Chancellor 15.1 24 No $151 M-65 RF-immune electret microphone; extra set ear seals; cloth ear covers
Echelon 25XT 13.6 25 Yes $310 Comfort-cam adjustment; new heat-sensitive, slow-recovery foam earpiece

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