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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Headsets On Parade

Newer colors, better performance and more upgrade options lead the headset pack

Manufacturer Model Weight (oz) Peak
Reduction (dB)
Cell Phone/MP3 Jack MSRP Comments
AC-950 AFL 13.6 24 No $600 Integrated flitelite LED lighting; flex-boom, M67 condenser mic
SSB 19.0 24 passive; 23 additional active No $299

Analog ANR circuit; deep ear cups; gel seals; flex-boom, 9V battery
Aircraft Spruce
Skycom 15.3 24 passive; 16-19 active Yes $235 Auto shutoff; black chrome hardware; flex-boom
HS-800 14 Not Available Yes $800 German made; adaptive ANR; 5-30,000 Hz frequency response
A-20 12 Not Available Yes $1095 FAA TSO'd; Bluetooth enabled; electret condenser mic, various cable configs
David Clark
X11 12.2 17-22 Yes $865 Recut gel ear-seal shape; 25-hour battery life; stereo
6001-T 16.5 18-20 at 200 Hz No $475 Matte tan color available; gel ear seals; 20-hour battery life
Denali 13.4 19-21 No $599 "Sure Power" system; graphite blue; 30-day "fly 'em and try 'em" program
Headsets Inc.
EM-1 21.0 18 at 20-800 Hz No $399 Comfort head pad; silicone ear seals; auto shutoff
Zulu.2 13.9 Not Available Yes $900 Dual aperture-disc mic; front-and-center stereo sound; full Bluetooth
Marv Golden
Golden Eagle ANR 12.0 24-26 passive; 10-12 additional active Yes $240 Dual volume; leatherette ear seals; batteries included
Pilot USA
1779-T 13.0 25 passive; 20-22 additional active Yes $465 Self-contained charger; auto-shutoff; sheepskin head pad
Rugged Air
RA-950 19.0 24 passive; 11.5 additional active No $499 Heavy duty hardware, extra-deep ear cups, dual volume, gel ear seals
S-AR 17.0 19 No $499 Electret mic; 9v-battery powered; flex-boom, ultradeep gel ear seals; U.S. made
S1 14.5 Varies with environmen Yes/Bluetooth $1095 Revolutionary, real-time adaptive ANR circuitry; boostable treble, foldable ear cups, Bluetooth
Sennheiser HMEC-461 14.4 Up to 40 passive + active Yes $860 10-year warranty; "Noise-Gard" technology; auto fade for music, mono-stereo switch; AA-battery powered
C-300 21.7 17 active; 24 Yes $449 No batteries required; stereo/mono switch
Stratus 50 18.0 50 Yes $720 Patented digital signal processing, auto shutoff
Telex Stratus 30XT 18.0 Up to 30 Yes $549 Special tension knob for head Band; extra-thick ear seals; full-swivel flex-boom

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