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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Best Of Books And Training Kits

New editions of aviation classics, high-tech study kits and aviation technology books to fill out your aviation library

King Schools: Private Pilot Kit
If anybody knows how to put together an effective course for pilots, it's John and Martha King. This particular package course is handpicked by the two of them for what has to be one of general aviation's best values and most comprehensive study kits around. They call it the "Get It All" kit because you really do. Thirteen DVDs with titles like Taming Stalls & Spins and Takeoffs & Landings Made Easy and everything else a pilot needs to know are included. You also get four CD-ROMs for your PC with the knowledge test course, VFR regulations refresher, risk management and more. The kit contains two FAA books, a plotter and E6B computer, cockpit cards for VFR/IFR and for airspace and communications, a flight-planning pad and a case. It's everything needed to take a pilot from zero hours to passing the checkride and written. Price: $579. Visit:

King Schools: Cleared for Flying the Garmin G1000 Course
Like other King Schools titles, this is a DVD course, but it's much more than a simple video. The Kings call it "computer-based interactive video," and it includes several components. The course is served up in short snippets with
finger-to-button close-ups (in the Garmin's case) of the action. These are followed by the very realistic Procedures Trainer, which lets you put what you've just learned into practice right away, reinforcing your learning. An interactive menu tracks and displays the results of interim tests so you can watch your progress. The Kings' newest version of the G1000 course includes Garmin's latest features, such as Checklists, FliteCharts, ChartView, SafeTaxi, vertical navigation (VNAV) function and XM radio. The Kings' course will effectively transition you from steam gauges to understanding all 125 of the G1000's button and knob combinations. Price: $249. Visit:

King Schools: Cessna SkyCatcher Sport/Private Pilot Course
Utilizing the popular Cessna SkyCatcher LSA as its platform, this course was specially designed by the Kings for both private and sport pilot students. The course covers both technically advanced aircraft (TAA) and those with analog gauges. It includes video and full-motion diagrams of the course material, plus an FAA-knowledge exam/review program. The course is available anywhere you have Internet access. It keeps a record of which sessions you've completed, and allows you to continue where you left off if interrupted. This course never expires, so you can review concepts and modules anytime. Includes videos, logbook and various course materials. Price: $349. Visit:

Sporty's: Deluxe Instrument Rating Kit
Highly rated by customers, Sporty's award-winning instrument kit is a full-featured course that includes everything a pilot needs to pass the written, oral and practical exams for the instrument rating. Like the Kings' courses, this kit is a combination of DVDs, books, plotter, E6B, various guides and manuals, and a pro flight bag. This new Sporty's course is reedited, digitally remastered and includes new content. The fast-paced course uses high-quality animation and graphics to help get complex ideas across. Sporty's will even embroider the flight case with three initials. Price: $499. Visit:

Sporty's: All Three Maneuvers Guides
Sporty's popular maneuvers guides now come in a combination pack. This package includes guides for flight maneuvers for private/recreational pilot, instrument, and commercial. Adapted from Sporty's Academy Maneuvers and Procedures Handbook, these guides provide step-by-step instructions on performing maneuvers required on each checkride. Includes simplified objectives and standards for each maneuver, followed by an easy-to-follow description. Detailed illustrations accompany most maneuvers to allow you to visualize how each maneuver should be performed. The three-ring binder format is convenient, and fits great in your flight bag. Online options also are available. Price: $39.95. Visit:


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