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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The LSA Glass Menagerie

Start Christmas shopping now: There are tons of glass to choose from!

TruTrak’s DigiFlight II VSVG autopilot fits standard 2.25-inch round instrument holes and also can be equipped as a panel mount.
The EKP-IV Pro portable, moving-map, 12-channel GPS comes with a seven-inch screen, aircraft checklists and aircraft systems integration capability such as autopilot. The device is Jeppesen NavData–capable and offers storage for 15 flight plans of up to 100 legs each. The display has vertical or horizontal orientation, turn-by-turn vocal instructions, aircraft checklists, TAWS and much more. Price: $1,499. Contact:

Becker Avionics
This Austrian company’s solid-state ATC 4401 Mode C transponder is a 2.25-inch panel mount that offers VFR/IFR operation up to 15,000 feet. Price: $1,895. Becker’s AR 4201 VHF/AM transceiver also mounts in a 2.25-inch slot. It offers 99-channel memory. Price: $1,295. Contact:

Dynon Avionics
Autopilot functions come with every Dynon EFIS or FlightDEK: Just install servos for each control axis ($750 each) and—presto!—you’ve got a full-featured dual-axis autopilot. Having two Dynon EFIS devices provides welcome redundancy, as either can provide autopilot functions. Price: $450 (AP74); $1,500 (AP76). Contact:

The SL30 packs a 760-channel VHF COM transceiver and a 200-channel VOR/LOC/ GS NAV receiver with DME display into one small space. This is the only panel-mount NAV/COM with a standby frequency monitoring feature, providing the capability of two NAV/COMs in one. Price: $3,729. Contact:

Icom’s IC-A210 is a panel-mounted, air-band transceiver with a large, bright OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display that features enhanced brightness and vividness; a high-contrast, wide viewing angle; and a quicker response time when compared to traditional displays. Additionally, it offers easy channel selection, GPS memory, VOX intercom, and 10 regular and 200 group memory channels. Price: $1,995. Contact:

MGL Avionics
On a tight budget? The 3.5-inch E1 Engine Management System combines everything you need to monitor your LSA engine in one compact package: EGT, CHT, rpm and more. The E1 display is a high-resolution LCD screen. Price: $250. Contact:


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