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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The LSA Glass Menagerie

Start Christmas shopping now: There are tons of glass to choose from!

PS Engineering
Mustn’t forget cockpit chatter: The sophisticated panel-mount PM3000 hi-fi stereo intercom features top-notch VOX and squelch controls, VOX circuitry, adjustable LED power and transmit intensity, a single squelch-control knob for simple and quiet operation, and separate pilot/copilot transmission capability. Price: $493. Contact:

This company claims its TT21 Mode S transponder is the world’s smallest and lightest at around one pound! That’s good news for small LSA panels. Low power consumption and a very small panel footprint make it ideal for space-challenged LSA decks. Price: $1,795. Contact:

Trio Avionics
The EZ Pilot solid-state, single-axis autopilot has a lot of features for it’s low price point: pilot command steering, selectable track offset, speed-controlled bank angle, GPS flight-plan tracking and a lot more. Price: $1,770. Contact:

TruTrak Flight Systems
TruTrak is well known for its autopilots, which are offered as standard equipment on many production S-LSA. The DigiFlight II VSGV comes in two flavors: 2.25-inch round-hole or flat-pack mount. The device has a digital slaved directional gyro, track selector, altitude hold, wheel steering, GPS steering and GPS NAV mode—and it weighs just six pounds including servos! Price: $5,225. Contact:

The portable, stand-alone PCAS XRX collision-avoidance system sits on the glare shield. It can link to GPS moving-map and EFIS devices and display traffic using TCAS-like symbology. Price: $1,495. Contact:


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