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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Adventure Pilot iFly 720

A major update on the affordable portable moving map GPS

4. Instrument Panel

There's a new electronic flight instrument-style (EFIS) page, too, with familiar instruments including a horizontal situation indicator (HSI), Turn Coordinator, verical speed indicator (VSI), altimeter and ground speed readout.

And in Plates Mode, you'll find more dedicated instruments and the (optional) AHRS-driven Artificial Horizon. All displays are highly customizable.

"We also give pilots the option of buying the iFly 720," adds Woodson, "without iFly Streets, since that's a feature some pilots may not need, for a reduced price of $699.

So, now we can offer a moving map GPS with VFR/IFR [visual flight rules/instrument flight rules] information, portrait mode and sunlight-readable display for the same price point as a baseline Garmin Aera 500 (a screen). And the Aera doesn't offer all the included IFR and VFR information we do. Plus, if someone changes their mind down the road, they can easily add the iFly Streets soft-ware package."

Walter Boyd notes that the terrain and obstruction alerts that came with the previous software update caused "a substantial increase in attention. People like those alerts. They now think of us in the same category as fully-featured, portable GPS products that cost much more.

"Our customers praise the 720 over the iPad and iPad mini on such issues as sunlight readability, turbulent-friendly software buttons and ease of use.

A lot of customers fly in extreme weather, where summer heat and cell tower signal issues can affect iPad functionality. When the iPad might overheat, the iFly 720 keeps going due to its higher temperature operating range. Many pilots tell us or post on our active forums that they now use their iPads for preflight planning and backup, and the iFly GPS for their favorite in-flight navigating."

To fully appreciate the iFly 700 or 720 and its latest 7.5 software build, visit This is a dynamic device that's constantly evolving and will give any navigation device on the market today a serious run for your money.


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