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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

iFly 720

The portable iFly 700 FAA sectional display GPS was way cool; now check out the new model!

Adventure Pilot's portable moving-map GPS features vertical flight planning and a terrain warning system with audible alerts.
If you could buy a sunlight-readable, multifeatured, portable moving-map GPS for VFR and IFR flight, with an excellent automobile GPS, that also played your music, audio and video files, and connected to the Internet via WiFi, would you hesitate to spend $749 for that unit?

Two years ago, I came across a new avionics company: Adventure Pilot. Headed up by two superbright, hard-working guys—Walter Boyd and Shane Woodson—their first effort was a feature-rich Everyman's "supplemental" (not FAA-certified) navigational GPS, the iFly 700. It was a runaway success at $500 (comprehensive software/data subscription package/year: $69, or full IFR: $109).

Two striking features of the 700 (which remains in production at $549, or $599 with iFly Streets, the automobile GPS program) were the touch-screen and FAA sectional moving-map display. Pilots could literally touch airport symbols on the Sectional to set waypoints and create an instant magenta course line. They could also "rubber-band" that course line by dragging it to any additional waypoints desired along the route, or tap any airport, restricted area, obstruction etc. for instant, on-map detailed information.

The seven-inch unit was simple to use, yet beneath its user-friendly interface, layers of dialogs waited to satisfy even the most fanatical detail-crazed pilot. Now comes the iFly GPS 720 and powerhouse Version 7 software update (also for iFly 700). The new unit is faster, more powerful, with enough new navigation features to make your head spin:

• Terrain/Obstructions Display. Color highlighting of terrain and obstructions for all displays (ADS-B collision avoidance, too!) User-configurable alert system.

• Active Alert System. Advanced collision-avoidance capability constantly monitors current and projected AGL with adjustable tolerance levels. Says Walter Boyd, "We even use FAA-defined audible call outs." Trust me: The loud "TERRAIN! TERRAIN!" callouts get your attention pronto.

• Vertical Flight Planning. The new Version 7 update comes with a terrific display feature: a profile graphic of your flight path, the terrain en route, airspaces, obstacles, aircraft performance and winds aloft. It's visually intuitive, easy to manage, and customizable.

• iFly Connect. The most hassle-free software updater I've ever used for any computer program, period. Details below.


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