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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

iFly 720

The portable iFly 700 FAA sectional display GPS was way cool; now check out the new model!

• Direct-To Function On The Flight Plan Page. Instant updating of your flight plan and saved previous waypoints. Imagine you diverted off course 30 miles to photograph Hoover Dam. To resume your course, touch the Direct-To button of your final destination, and a new course line draws. But the waypoint over Hoover Dam remains saved in the flight plan for future reference. A pending update will allow you to name any waypoint on the fly! How useful is that?

• Flight Timer. Automatically stops recording en route time when forward speed drops below 15 knots. It's perfect for weather/fuel/food landings.

Bonus Round
Although introduced on the 700 model months ago, iFly Streets deserves some ink. A fully functional street navigator, complete with turn-to-turn voice guidance, it's a snap to take overseas, since you "rent" and download foreign nav data just for the period you're traveling.

Adventure Pilot's partner iGO Navigation supplies the software, already deployed on 30 million mobile and Windows devices around the world. Updates are included in all iFly update packages: that could save you more than the entire subscription service alone!

Shane Woodson says helicopter pilots use iFly Streets for referencing locations in hard-to-identify urban environments. I gave iFly Street a spin in my car without reading a word of the manual: user friendly as can be. The big seven-inch screen is a bonus, too.

Back to the aviation side. A new, more intuitive opening page offers quick access to the five main menu items: Navigation, iFly Streets, Music, Movie and an analog clock.

A tidy, scrollable menu accesses setup and update options, Internet access (WiFi is included on the 720!), easy updates through WiFi, even convenience features like memo pad, TextViewer, AV-In (camera video monitor etc.), calculator and for those with way too much free time, a solitaire game.

More on iFly Connect updater: Just download the small app to your home PC/laptop (Windows XP, Vista or 7 only), plug the unit's SD card into your computer's card reader, launch the program, click update...and take a coffee break. iFly Connect goes online, compares your iFly data with the latest versions, then automatically updates and installs only what you need!


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