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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

iFly 720

The portable iFly 700 FAA sectional display GPS was way cool; now check out the new model!

You can update on the go too. Just ask the FBO to install the iFly Connect app—updates aren't keyed to a specific computer.

iFly models are ready for ADS-B Nexrad weather too. Also planned for the version 7.5 update, expected upon publication, is an instrument panel page and portrait display mode.

"Air Gizmo," Shane Woodson says, "makes a panel dock for both the 700 and 720, so someone with a certified or experimental airplane can drop the iFly right into it for a clean, flush install."

The iFly doesn't have a built-in battery (car and wall plugs come with the units). The Air Gizmo has a built-in slot for aftermarket external battery packs, needed if you don't have a panel cigarette DC power socket.

Airport diagrams show your location in real time...great for navigating to unfamiliar ground locations. And consider the advantage of one inexpensive data subscription package over multiple subscriptions for various software packages (iPadders, are you listening?). Also, unlike iPad apps, the iFly GPS function doesn't require a current subscription for expired charts or data to remain operational (although we recommend you fly with current data).

Finally, wondering about using touch-screen GPS in turbulent conditions? Woodson says, "We use a 'resistive screen,' preferred for aviation and military uses. It's also more durable, lets pilots use gloves, is pressure sensitive and allows accidental rapid taps caused by turbulence to be ignored by our software. We don't use toss panning either (rapid page flicking a la iPhone, iPad), due to its problematic behavior in a turbulent cockpit."

And for those really bumpy days, Woodson adds: "We include a remote control that lets you perform most functions and chart exploring, even simple Flight Planning and modifications."

If owning a portable, moving-map GPS for VFR and IFR that's wonderfully affordable without compromising advanced power and functionality is on your wish list, give the iFly 720 (and 700) a real checkout.



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