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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

20 Great Aviation Apps

Enhance your cockpit with an iPad

This app will replace all the paper charts in your plane, but this early version won't provide a moving map. Look for more features coming soon. $49.99/year.

Jeppesen Mobile TC
This VFR/IFR charting app received FAA authorization to be used as an alternative to paper charts. It also features AF/D information. This entry from the IFR chart powerhouse is worth keeping an eye on. Subscription prices variable.

King Schools
There are now five titles, each one a segment of video from a King course. The footage of John and Martha King's always informative lessons is presented in Apple's default video player. Available for iPhone only. $29.99.

As an unabashedly airplane-obsessed pilot, I love listening to air traffic control, even when I'm not in the air. If you want to get your head into the air early, or hear common calls at a new airport, LiveATC is great. Tower calls from more than 350 airports are available as live, streamed broadcasts. You search by state, for airports near your home base, or someplace you've wanted to fly to. Available for iPhone only. $2.99.

Logbook Pro
This app provides a way to sync flight-log entries made with your iPad with the same software ($69) running on your Windows computer. The feature set is rich, and it interfaces nicely with your calendar. $20 to sync for a year.

LogTen Pro
This digital logbook is stand-alone, but it will sync with the Mac-only version of LogTen Pro. The professional pilot can track duty limits, both domestic and international; for the private pilot, there's a surfeit of categories for categorizing your time and ensuring currency. $79.99.

MyRadar Pro
Use this simple weather app showing the latest radar animation to see the current conditions and the direction cells are moving. It doesn't do much more, but this important task is done very well and with a solid user interface. $1.99.


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