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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 2008 Readback

readbackAviat Aircraft announced that the first Husky A-1C is on the flight line; it will be delivered to a buyer in Wichita, Kans. The new 200 hp model has strengthened main and tailwheel gear components and a total gross weight of 2,200 pounds. Other changes include a lowered angle of incidence for the horizontal stabilizer and a new tachometer.
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readbackKeep Your Engine Warm
AeroTherm Deuce makes it easy to keep your airplane’s engine warm in cold climates. Rather than blast extreme heat into the engine compartment, the AeroTherm evenly and consistently heats all parts of the engine with two 800-watt heating elements (instead of propane). The Deuce can be kept plugged in all winter to keep the engine warm or can be used as a traditional preheater. If used as a preheater, the engine will be warm enough to start in about 45 minutes. Or, it will heat completely (including oil) in two hours at zero degrees F outside temperature. Weighing just 11 pounds, the AeroTherm Deuce comes with two hoses, a nylon suspension band that allows the unit to hang from the prop of your aircraft, a carrying case and four sponges to seal the engine intakes. For more, contact Sporty’s at (800) SPORTYS or

readbackCockpit Organizer
The SnakeClip aviation cradle holds a variety of personal electronic items, such as cell phones, PDAs and MP3 players. The portable device attaches and detaches in seconds, and can be transferred between planes and automobiles for maximum utility. There’s no installation necessary, just clamp the SnakeClip onto a suitable surface. A padded adjustable arm expands to hold items up to 2.5 inches wide and has a quick-release button for easy device removal. For more information, contact Hindsight Products at (423) 282-1267 or

readbackA Superior Antenna
The AAA-TSR-01A is an active antenna that operates with all new WSI InFlight–capable receivers. The antenna receives SIRIUS Satellite Radio broadcasts to enable the WSI weather service. It was designed specifically to suppress interference from ground-based signals. Its design allows for optimum performance while the aircraft is turning. The tear-drop shape was selected to fit within the same footprint as previous WSI products. This helps ensure that existing customers can easily transition to the AV-300 with minimal expense. For more, contact Aircraft Spruce at (877) 4SPRUCE or

readbackConcorde Batteries
Concorde Battery Corporation has received FAA approval under Technical Standard Order C173 for its RG-121 Series and RG-122 Series emergency batteries for lighting, standby, avionics, FADEC and backup power. RG-121 Series and RG-122 Series are maintenance free in that they never require replenishment of water or electrolytes. Available with or without internal heaters, all of these batteries are self-regulating on charge, taking only the current required to maintain a full charge. RG Series Emergency Batteries protect and extend the life of other avionics without a dedicated charger. For more information, contact Concorde Battery at (626) 813-1234 or

readbackThe Chart Doctor
Sporty’s Chart Doctor, a feature available at, allows pilots to insert a route for any U.S. or Canadian destination to find out which charts they’ll need for the trip. Once you’ve selected the parameters for the trip, the Chart Doctor will choose the necessary charts. You decide which of the suggested charts to buy, and the selected charts are placed into your shopping cart. In addition to necessary charts, the Chart Doctor provides total trip distance and a visual depiction of the flight path on Yahoo! Maps. For more, contact Sporty’s at (800) SPORTYS or


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