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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

April 2009 Readback

Surfing The Skies!

readbackOn January 25, the extreme worlds of aerobatics and surfing were united in the skies over the break at Morro Bay, Calif. Kevin Eldredge, owner of SLO Air, the exclusive distributor of the new Sbach 300 and 342 Xtreme aerobatic aircraft from Germany, flew loops, rolls and hammerheads with world-class surfers Chris Ward and Gavin Sutherland. Also participating was Tutima Academy, going inverted with Ben Freelove in a Pitts S-2B. The first-of-its-kind event was sponsored by VedaloHD Performance Sunglasses, Azhiaziam American Aerial Wear and S.O. Productions to commemorate the launch of the new WardoHD signature line of sunglasses.
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readbackGet The Lead Out!
Alcor’s TCP Fuel Treatment is a fuel additive that, when added to the gas tank of an aircraft, acts as a lead scavenger, reducing spark-plug fouling and other harmful effects of low-lead aviation gas (100LL). TCP is especially effective in low-compression engines. Contact: Alcor, (800) 354-7233,

readbackBeen Away From Aviation For A While?
Sporty’s team of pilots and flight instructors has assembled comprehensive kits to get pilots flying again. If you haven’t flown for a while, it’s tough to know what you need to get started again. Sporty’s new VFR Refresher and IFR Refresher Kits were designed to eliminate the guesswork. Each kit includes all the training materials you need to get up to speed, including DVD training videos, essential textbooks and pilot supplies. Contact: Sporty’s, (800) SPORTYS,

readbackChildren’s Book For Future Pilots
Claire Bear Presents… The Pilot Alphabet is a new picture book targeted to the next generation of pilots. Authored by pilot Sue Hughes, the book aims to introduce children to the thrills of aviation. In the 30-page book, Claire Bear journeys from Alfa to Zulu in lyrical, rhyming fashion that helps children (and adults!) learn the pilot or NATO alphabet. This is the first book in a series. Contact: Powder Puff Pilot, (877) 843-1007 ext. 11,

readbackAircraft Management Online
AircraftLogs offers 100% online aircraft-management systems that provide complete record-keeping services. Private pilots can securely and quickly manage their flight logs, maintenance records and financial records from any Internet-connected computer. Online Pilot Logbook, Piston Single Management and Piston Twin Management packages are available in monthly or annual subscriptions. Contact: Aircraft Spruce, (877) 477-7823,

readbackEngine Preservation
Reciprocating engines have a propensity to accumulate water when not in use, causing oxidation and resulting in accelerated wear. Such water contamination can cause an aircraft owner thousands of dollars over an engine’s life. Reductions in flying hours can further exaggerate the problem. The best solution is to remove the condensation within the engine.

Tempest’s new AA1000 Engine Preservation System does exactly that. A pump draws outside air through a chamber containing a desiccant material that removes moisture from the air. It then pumps the dry air into the engine through a hose attached to the oil filler tube. Contact: Tempest, (800) 822-3200,

readbackPilot Puzzlers
Pilots are inherently drawn to puzzles; problem-solving and playing the “what-if” game are in their nature. The 6,000+ clues used in 101 Crosswords For Pilots will provide hours of enjoyment for pilots and aviation-history enthusiasts, stimulating recall of stored knowledge and satisfying the yearning to learn more. Puzzle creator Michael Shurtz became a private pilot in 1980 by bagging groceries to pay for flying lessons. As a flight instructor, Shurtz always has looked for fun and interesting ways to engage his students. Contact: ASA, (800) 272-2359,

readbackCatch Your Breath
SkyOx portable oxygen systems now have a redesigned regulator: The Click-a-Breath regulator eases the process of selecting the correct flow rate—pilots turn the dial until it clicks into one of the preselected detents. Because the all-metal regulator can be removed without tools, refilling the bottle is a quick job. A variety of SkyOx oxygen systems are available, each with an oxygen cylinder, regulator (two- or four-place), masks or cannulas, flow indicators, hoses and fittings. Contact: Sporty’s, (800) SPORTYS,



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