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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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Flight Design Fights Fires

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A firefighting department based at 8,300 feet in the Ecuadorian Andes has acquired a Flight Design CTLS light-sport aircraft as its aerial support unit. With support from John Hurst and Jeremy Endsley of Sebring Aviation, the Air Volunteer Fire Department of Basin began operations at the Mariscal La Mar airport. Hurst and Endsley traveled to Ecuador to train fire department employees in assembly, maintenance and flight. “Using the CTLS in this way, our fire department has an effective tool to help in search functions, recognition and support of ground operations by providing a better service to the community of Cuenca,” fire department leader, Hugo Cobo said. “The aircraft will certainly improve the fire department’s response capability, giving more and better information about different emergencies we will be dealing with. The CTLS will be a helpful tool we can depend upon.” Visit

IndUS In China

Dallas-based IndUS Aviation is progressing with Chinese partner IPI Technologies and private investors in China to move production of the Thorpedo LSA to the LuYangHu General Aviation Development Zone in Weinan, China. The partners will operate a new company presently called “IndUS-IPI.” An agreement involves equity positions between IndUS and IPI, with the support of the Weinan government. “We hope to start the building construction this quarter and start filling the facility with tooling and jigs later this year,” reports Ram Pattisapu of IndUS. “Production should begin late this ramp up to almost 100 units in 2012, with greater capacity in 2013.” Visit

Recurrent Training Center

Recurrent Training Center has acquired a new FAA-certified Level 6 Cirrus SR22 flight-training device. It features an Avidyne avionics suite with S-TEC autopilot, and has a 180-degree wraparound visual. Up to 30 of the 40 hours of the Cirrus SR22 instrument rating course can be completed in the simulator under RTC’s 142 training certificate. RTC also will offer SR22 recurrency and initial Cirrus transition. Visit

Pan Am Sim

Miami-based Pan Am International Flight Academy has received Level C qualification for its A320 simulator, leased from GE Capital Aviation. The A320 sim is the Academy’s first such model, and is the 66th simulator owned, operated and/or marketed to airline clients around the world. Visit

3000+ Patients Flown

In 2010, Corporate Angel Network arranged flights for specialized treatment for 3,021 cancer patients. In September, Corporate Angel celebrated another milestone when it transported its 35,000th cancer patient since the charity was founded in 1981. It has now flown more than 36,000 patients. The 35,000th flight carried William Relyea, 16 months, and his mother from Westchester County Airport, N.Y., to his home in Syracuse, N.Y. William had been receiving treatment for neuroblastoma at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Visit

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