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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

August 2011 Readback

Welcome Back!

As part of a new promotion to encourage pilots who have left the market to return to being active pilots, Sporty's has announced its first Summer Camp for Pilots. A special recurrent-training weekend is scheduled for August 11-14, 2011, and will feature dual instruction by Sporty's Academy instructors in either the pilot's own aircraft or in one of Sporty's. Each day will also feature choices of ground schools on pertinent topics. A graduation banquet to be held at the conclusion of the program will feature speaker Phil Boyer, former president of AOPA. Visit and

WingX Pro7

WingX Pro7 is a comprehensive moving-map solution that recently added ADS-B in-flight weather. WingX Pro7 is unique in that it has a split-screen view, and can overlay terrain on the VFR sectional and IFR en route charts. Available for $.99 for the app and $99.99/year plus chart-georeferencing subscription. Visit

Second Generation Quadra

The latest version of the Anywhere Map Quadra includes bug fixes and many new features, such as portrait/landscape options for Anywhere Map and Pocket Plates, smooth updating of sectional charts and the ability to set your own priorities in routing. Owners of existing Quadra devices are automatically included in the improvements at no charge. Upgrades are included as part of normal customer updates. Visit

Hawker And Lotus

Hawker Beechcraft has formed an alliance with Group Lotus, a strategic collaboration that will see the two manufacturers working together on a number of initiatives. "Lotus is a perfect partner for Hawker Beechcraft as we both share a long-standing tradition of providing products with ground-breaking design, technical innovation and exceptional quality and performance," said Shawn Vick, Hawker Beechcraft executive vice president. "This strategic alliance represents an exciting and progressive step forward in both the aviation and motoring markets, allowing our engineers to share knowledge and expertise that will benefit both parties." Hawker Beechcraft will be accompanying the Lotus Renault GP at a number of F1 Grand Prix in the coming season to showcase its range of aircraft to key markets in private aviation. Visit and

Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation

Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation has awarded the contract to build its new museum facility to Janotta & Herner Inc., an employee-owned company based in Monroeville, Ohio. This new 36,000-square-foot facility will be located at the Erie-Ottawa Regional Airport in Port Clinton, Ohio. Construction will begin in June 2011, and is slated for completion by the end of the year. Funding for the museum project was received through a private grant from the George V. Woodling Jr. Foundation. Visit

New Remos LSA

The new GX NXT, to be debuted by Remos Aircraft at Oshkosh EAA AirVenture, features Dynon Avionics' SkyView System and a new, streamlined panel design that offers more leg room and increased visibility over the nose of the aircraft. The company is already taking orders for the NXT and will continue to sell the popular GX Aviator II. Both models feature easy folding wings and the ability to fly with the doors off. GX NXT owners can opt for a second SkyView in their panel, and can also integrate a Garmin 696 and Dynon autopilot as options. Visit

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