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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

August 2011 Readback

Flight Guide App

Airguide Publications is offering new data plans for its Flight Guide iEFB featuring Seattle Avionics ChartData geo-referenced instrument approaches and Flight Guide's nearly 5,000 airport diagrams, as geo-referenced by Seattle Avionics. "With the recent release of our Flight Guide FLY-Wi WAAS GPS, we are now able to offer a reliable way to depict aircraft position on IAPs and our Flight Guide diagrams for a fraction of the cost of traditional avionics systems", said Brenda Garcia, Publisher, Airguide Publications. Flight Guide iEFB is available for free through the Apple App Store, and monthly data can be purchased through the Flight Guide iEFB app itself. Annual data plans are purchased through


Color-Coded E6-B

ASA's new E6-B is enhanced with color for quick identification of key elements and easier readability. For example, weight and volume are depicted in red, distance and time in blue. The flight aid is based on ASA's original slide-rule-style flight computer, and is identical in size and made with the same aluminum construction. A vinyl case and instruction booklet both are included. Contact:

Knee Dock

In the cockpit, space is scarce. Originally developed for pilots, the Knee Dock is a light and comfortable holder for the Apple iPad that features a split base to keep your leg cool, even on long flights. A strap and buckle allow for quick adjustments with one hand, while the retaining clips keep your iPad secure. Contact:

Strap Sack

Strap Sack, a new tiedown-strap-storage system, holds the excess strapping within a bag, neatly storing your tiedowns. It's made with nylon, and installs to any existing tiedown, becoming part of the strap. The system features a parachute cord drawstring, with a cord lock. Contact:

Mount Your iPad

MountMe: Freedom is an all-in-one mounting device for the iPad that allows multiple viewing options in the cockpit. A pilot can stabilize an iPad to his or her leg, place it on the yoke or place it against the window. The Freedom is also a protective case that keeps the iPad safe. It's available in a variety of colors, including blue, white, metallic gray and red. Contact:

Florescent Covers

Wicks Aircraft Supply's new line covers for pitot tubes and nacelle plug streamers are made of heavy canvas and a ­­florescent plastic that's light reflective for high visibility. Each product features a prominent "Remove Before Flight" label that can easily be seen day or night. Contact:

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