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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

China Using Zenith CH 750 Aircraft For Pilot Training

Zenith recently shipped their 45th kit for a STOL CH 750 to China. Once they arrive in China, AGRHA Corporation, which operates kit assembly facilities in Nantong, Jiuangsu, Chongqing, Mianyang, Sichuan; Shenyang, Liaoning and Beijing, assembles the Zenith kits on a production line, fully assembling the aircraft to factory specifications that include the Rotax 912 ULS engine and Dynon SkyView avionics. They are then test flown and tweaked to perfection before delivery. Plans are to send them to flight schools around the country. They are very popular with student pilots.

The Chinese are enamored with the STOL CH 750 for its flight characteristics, for its tricycle gear, and the fact that it can be landed in an open field or on a dirt road. Many flight training operations are taking place in areas where there are no airports. Occasionally, a bulldozer is used to clear a strip that is uneven and left covered with rocks or dirt. What might prove damaging to certificated aircraft is not an issue for a Zenith, which is designed for utility applications and is well-suited for "off airport" operations.

"They haven't yet produced a lot of Part 23 Aircraft in China, but they have responded very quickly to working with complete kits," said Zenith President Sebastien Heintz."The key here is a tricycle gear that's rugged and reliable. The slow landing speeds and excellent visibility make the 750 an ideal machine for flight training. We're also quite pleased to be doing our part for the balance of trade. This is strictly an export operation."

The Chinese have posted a short video on YouTube that shows the facility being used in Nantong. The factory uses a highway for takeoffs and landings. The video can be seen at . For more information on the Zenith CH 750, visit


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