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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

December 2008 Readback

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority has granted CubCrafters’ CC18-180 Top Cub type certification, which allows new, certified, ready-to-fly Cubs to be delivered to customers in Australia for the first time. The Top Cub was certified in the States in December 2004; it received type certification from Transport Canada in early August, and has now been approved on floats and wheels in Canada and Australia. (On September 8, the first Canadian-registered Top Cub was delivered to owner Bernard Brossard in Montreal, Quebec.)
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readbackSport Cruisin’
Japanese pilot Shuhei Seki, a 55-year-old retired investor, flew a CZAW SportCruiser from Florida to Japan, over the Atlantic and across Europe and Asia. Equipment that he had installed for the long flight included extra-capacity ferry fuel tanks, a variable-pitch propeller, AvMap Jeppesen flight maps, a Dynon D180 EFIS panel, a TruTrak autopilot and an Iridium satellite phone. The modifications required the LSA to be classified in the experimental category. “Everyone wishes at least one time to go back home in his own plane,” said Seki upon reaching Japan safely. Visit and Seki’s blog,

readbackStocking Stuffers For Warbird Lovers
Since 1994, Lost Squadron has been producing high-quality adventure/warbird clothing. Featuring iconography that includes depictions of storied warbird squadrons, such as the six P-38s (and two B-17s) buried beneath a thick layer of ice on a Greenland ice cap in 1942 (Glacier Girl was recovered in 1992), Lost Squadron’s offerings include T-shirts, baseball caps, flight jackets and aviation photography. New for the Christmas season are four-panel, 100%-cotton-chino-twill F4U Corsair caps. They join the company’s line of popular P-51 Mustang and P-38 Lightning apparel. For more, contact Lost Squadron at (888) 977-5678 or visit

A Cirrus Christmas
Though you’d probably prefer an actual Cirrus with a big red bow, Sporty’s offers you a chance to dream big with its annual Christmas ornament, which has become something of a holiday tradition among GA aviators. In its 24th incarnation, the limited-edition ornament proudly features the best-selling, single-engine Cirrus laser-etched onto its face. Equipped with a colorful ribbon for hanging on your tree, the ornament arrives nestled in an attractive gift box. Keep Cirrus in your thoughts, and perhaps next year, you’ll have an even bigger ornament to call your own. For more, contact Sporty’s at (800) SPORTYS or visit

readbackAvMap’s XM Weather Package
XM Radio has long endeavored to bring pilots XM WX–capable display solutions, and in pursuit of that goal, the company has teamed with AvMap to offer XM WX Satellite Weather as an option on AvMap’s EKP-IV, EKP-IV Pro and GeoPilot II Plus GPS products. Pilots will now be able to access constantly updated, high-resolution weather information right in the cockpit. (Such information is particularly invaluable when a flight path is marked by approaching storms.) With the addition of XM WX to AvMap’s moving-map GPS devices, AvMap portable navigation systems become the most versatile on the market. For more, contact AvMap Satellite Navigation at (800) 363-2627 or visit

readbackVFR Charts For Mexico
Because of its proximity, Mexico is a popular destination for many U.S. pilots. In our November 2008 issue, we featured an instructional article, “South Of The Border,” about flying in this Latin American country. With the release of Caribbean Sky Tours’ VFR World Aeronautical Charts (WAC) for Mexico, flying in and around America’s next-door neighbor has become even easier than uno, dos, tres. Published by Mexico’s INEGI (National Institute of Statistics, Information & Geography), the charts contain up-to-date topographical and airport information—they’re much more accurate than charts currently available in the States. Twelve chart regions cover the entire country, and there are two regions per chart, yielding a total of six separate charts. The charts’ development was spearheaded by the director generals of Mexico’s Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) and SENEAM (Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano). For more, contact Caribbean Sky Tours at (866) 420-9265 or visit


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