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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

December 2010 Readback

LSA Fly-In To The Bahamas

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Light-sport aircraft pilots refusing to tolerate winter flying doldrums have a perfect outing: the first-ever LSA Fly-In to the Bahamas on December 10-12. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism is putting on the event after its announcement last summer that U.S. LSA pilots were legal to land in the country with only the FAA sport pilot license and a valid driver’s license: no medical required. Logbook endorsements for Class B, C and D airspace also are mandatory. The event kicks off from Banyan Air Service (FXE) at 10 a.m. after a pilot briefing. Attendees will stay at the Viva Wyndham Fortune Beach Resort. A welcome reception and LSA Static Display hosted by Grand Bahamas Airport Company are planned, along with activities like diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating, pool lounging and, oh, those spectacular white-sand beaches! Visit and

First Officer Training

FlightSafety and Boeing Training & Flight Services are now jointly offering a First Officer training program that will provide those with no prior flying experience the opportunity to pursue a career as professional pilots. “This joint program will help airlines meet their growing pilot hiring and training requirements by expanding the pool of pilots from which they can select,” said Roei Ganzarski of Boeing Training & Flight Services. Visit and

Hartzell Propeller

Hartzell has developed a new three-bladed Top Prop performance conversion for Cessna 180 and 185 as well as early 210 and 205 aircraft. This is the first time Hartzell has offered a propeller for Cessna 185 owners with a TCM IO-470 engine, and the first three-bladed prop for use on early Cessna 210 and 205 models. The 82-inch diameter conversion has “blended airfoil” technology, scimitar blades and a longer TBO. Visit

Goulian Goes Sony

Goulian Aerosports and Sony Creative Software have announced a new marketing alliance with championship aerobatic pilot Mike Goulian. “Mike’s commitment to perfection in his performances aligns well with Sony’s responsive and powerful software products,” said Dave Chaimson of Sony Creative Software. “Mike’s aerial displays are incredibly astounding, and will become even more so when viewed in 3D.” Vegas Pro 10, Sony’s new editing platform that features native 3D stereoscopic production, will surround Goulian to showcase the creative dimensions of its software tools. Visit and

Skycatcher & Yingling

Yingling Aviation is now the first facility approved by the FAA to maintain, inspect and alter the Cessna 162 Skycatcher. “The receipt of this authority represents a significant accomplishment for Yingling,” said Bob Gallop of Yingling. “Since the Model 162 is a completely new aircraft, we were creating precedent with every step in the process. It required a great deal of cooperation among Yingling, Cessna and the FAA in Washington, D.C.” Yingling is currently the only active Skycatcher assembly site. The firm has completed the reassembly of eight LSA. Customers who ordered Skycatchers can track their airplane’s assembly at


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