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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

December 2010 Readback

LSA Fly-In To The Bahamas

NavWorx ADS600

NavWorx announced that it’s delivering ADS-B traffic and weather with its ADS600-series receivers and Universal Access Transceiver. The ADS600 devices incorporate both transmit and receive capabilities of ADS-B and link to the NextGen system.“ Having traffic and weather displayed in real time in the cockpit is a huge improvement to the safe operation of any aircraft,”said NavWorx president Bill Moffitt. “The ADS600 supports traditional gathering of weather information from forecasts, including text-based sources. Visual traffic and weather depiction can be tremendously helpful. Pilots can now see traffic and weather at the push of a button.” Visit

Bachelor Degree

Mountain State University and Airline Transport Professionals announced a new bachelor’s degree for aviation students, the Bachelor of Science in Airline Transport Professional Pilot Operations, with flight training being completed through ATP. David Robbins, director of aviation at MSU, stated, “Airlines hire the most qualified pilots, preferring that applicants have a bachelor’s degree and high-quality flight experience.” The program incorporates academics and airline-oriented multi-engine flight training and allows students to complete flight training through one of ATP’s 22 locations while attending college classes through MSU. Visit and

Flying Car Production

Terrafugia is setting up for low-volume production of the Transition Roadable Aircraft in a 19,000-sq.ft. facility in Woburn, Mass. The company expects to create 50 additional skilled manufacturing jobs at its new facility by 2013 to support demand. Longer-term, high-volume production plans haven’t been finalized yet. Two prototypes currently are under construction. One will undergo extensive drive testing while the other will be used to complete LSA certification flight testing. Initial price point is expected to be between $200,000 and $250,000. Visit


Sixty-one TBM aircraft attended the annual convention of the TBM Owners and Pilot Association (TBMOPA), held September 9-12 at Hot Springs, Va. “The attendance this year was fantastic, with over 200 participants representing TBM owners, the Daher-Socata aircraft manufacturer, distributors and service centers as well as vendors,” stated TBMOPA President John Hinshaw. Information on user fees also was provided, along with briefings on government regulations and updates on continued support of the TBM fleet. Visit

AirJourney In Africa

AirJourney has a new trip for those who want to pilot their own airplanes on a flying adventure. In August 2011, AirJourney will launch its first 60-day trip around the African continent. “This is one of the most fascinating trips we’ve ever put together,” AirJourney’s Thierry Pouille said. “There is so much diversity on this trip, from northern Africa all the way down around Cape Town and back.” The trip departs from Quebec City, Canada, and visits a total of 24 countries, crossing the Atlantic into Europe then flying south toward Africa. “The pace of our trips is always leisurely,” Pouille added. “We want everyone to have time to see the sights, sample the local cuisine, meet people and still have plenty of free time.” Visit

K-State Scholarships

Kansas State University Aviation picked seven winners from a scholarship drawing at EAA AirVenture 2010. All had to be juniors or seniors in high school during the 2010/2011 academic year, or be transfer students or start earning a bachelor’s degree at K-State’s Salina campus within the next two years. “K-State’s aviation program offers the most affordable degrees in the country,” said Kurt Barnhart, aviation department head. “This $2,000 scholarship will make a K-State education even more affordable for these seven recipients.” Visit


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