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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

December 2011 Readback

Luxury Beechcraft Interiors

Hawker Beechcraft is incorporating new interiors in its Beechcraft Baron and Bonanza airplanes. The new interiors improve cabin comfort and functionality, and feature an automatic climate-control system and an LED external lighting package. The new features will be phased into production in the second quarter of 2012. "This program upgrades the comfort, styling and functionality of the current Baron and Bonanza aircraft to a level similar to that found in top-of-the-line vehicles," said Jim Holcombe, Vice President, Beechcraft Marketing. "We are accomplishing this by adding contemporary design elements, cleaner lines and improved ergonomics to the interior for a more blended, form-fitting look." Visit

Hilton Is Connected

Hilton Software announced support for Aspen Avionics' Connected Panel. Their iPad app, WingX Pro7, will include comprehensive interoperability when Aspen Avionics' Connected Panel becomes available for installation by the end of this year. Aspen Avionics' Connected Panel includes hardware, software and application components that provide two-way wireless communications between panel avionics and personal smart devices to streamline flight-related activities. "The integration of WingX Pro7 with the Connected Panel's open- hardware architecture and application programming interface adds tremendous value, ease of use and error-free avionics programming," said Dr. Goldstein, CEO of Hilton Software LLC. "By combining WingX Pro7's unique split-view, terrain overlays, in-flight weather and Synthetic Vision with Aspen Avionics' new Connected Panel, WingX Pro7 achieves a level of mobile-avionics performance that is unparalleled in the industry." Visit and

LSA Transition

SportairUSA is offering free transition flight training and a free aircraft safety check to purchasers of used Sting, Sirius and Savage light-sport aircraft. "We have always provided free transition flight and ground-school training to our new aircraft buyers," said Bill Canino, CEO of SportairUSA. "To help maintain the safety of the fleet as our aircraft enter the pre-owned market, we have decided to offer the same service, plus a free aircraft safety check, to buyers of used Sting, Sirius and Savage airplanes." Visit

Flight Guide App Update

Airguide Publications released the Flight Guide iEFB v4.1 iPad App, an update that adds advanced flight planning, an advanced moving map and the ability to display traffic through integration with the Zaon PCAS XRX. The XRX can be connected to the iPad using the Flight Guide FLY-Wi GPS, which comes with an external WAAS GPS antenna and an auxiliary port where the XRX can be plugged into. Visit and

Lightspeed Aviation Foundation

For the second year, the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation has presented $10,000 checks to the five aviation charities receiving the most votes from pilots as their favorite among 20 finalists. This year's recipients are the Civil Air Patrol, Mission Aviation Fellowship, The Ninety-Nines, Recreational Aviation Foundation and Wings of Hope. The organization also awarded a check for $12,000 to the AOPA Foundation. Allan Schrader, President of the Foundation, says, "Last year, our grants totaled more than $100,000, and it is truly amazing to know just how far our contribution can go toward helping these worthy aviation charities achieve their goals." Visit


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