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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

December 2011 Readback


Rugged Flashlight

Sporty's new AOPA Flashlight uses shatterproof LEDs that last more than 110,000 hours, and a sturdy aluminum body that can withstand drops. Independent switches control three red and three white LEDs, so you don't have to scroll through multiple settings. Using two included AA batteries, the AOPA Flashlight provides up to 80 hours of light. It measures seven inches long and weighs 18 ounces, and comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. Contact:

2012 Warbird Calendar

Paul Bowen, noted aerial photographer, released his 2012 Air To Air Warbirds calendar featuring various World War II planes. The images were computer enhanced to add an artistic dimension to the already stunning images. Contact:

2012 FAR/AIM

ASA's 2012 FAR/AIM, FAR for Flight Crew, and FAR for Aviation Maintenance Technicians are now available. The editions are available in several formats including softcover book, eBook, eBundles and apps for Apple mobile devices. They include the most current regulations, AIM and TSA rules. In all books, the changes are marked clearly for quick reference. FAR/AIM Series Updates are available online as free downloads and/or through a free email subscription service for automatic notification when a rule has changed. Contact:

Custom Mount

Sporty's Custom RAM mount cradle secures your SP-400 radio to the yoke. The SP-400 slides into the base, and the clip locks into place. The RAM Mount features sturdy aluminum construction, a durable powder-coat finish and infinitely adjustable rubber ball joints. Contact:

New Headset

The new Beyerdynamic HS 800 Digital headset uses DANR (Digital Adaptive Noise Reduction) to combine the advantages of feedback and feed-forward ANR, which allows for adaptability to high-precision frequency peaks. Cushions are upholstered in soft leather, and the ear padding is viscoelastic, which distributes pressure evenly. Three versions are available: the version with the two standard jack plugs; the HS 800 Digital Rotor with spiral cable and U-174/U jack plug for helicopters; and the HS 800 Digital 6pin that has a six-pin Lemo connector and provides the electrical system voltage to get along without batteries. Contact:


Looking for a way to mount your iPad within the cockpit? Compatible with both the iPad and the iPad 2, the iPad YokePad is manufactured out of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum. Multiple adjustment points allow for it to work with a wide variety of aircraft. Contact:

The Complete Private Pilot

Bob Gardner's The Complete Private Pilot, now in its new 11th Edition, provides tips and techniques, checklists and mnemonic devices, as well as advice from the author's personal experience, helping readers not only prepare for the FAA Knowledge Exam, but also for the cockpit. Written in a conversational yet concise style, the textbook allows students to quickly grasp the subjects presented, pass the required tests and checkrides, and have an operational understanding of flight they can take to the real world as a newly minted pilot. Contact:


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