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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

January/February 2009 Readback

Hannes Arch: 2008 Red Bull Champ!

read backPaul Bonhomme of Britain scored a victory in the final race of the Red Bull Air Race World Series in Perth, Australia, on November 2, 2008, but Hannes Arch of Austria was crowned 2008 World Champion after finishing third.
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Don’t Overlook A Door Seal
Run by Mike Peter, a manufacturing engineer at Boeing, Aero-PMA-Parts of Kent, Wash., has perfected the science of GA door seals as if it was designing for the airlines. In flight, an airplane cabin is slightly more positively pressurized than on the ground, due to 100-plus-knot airspeeds. As Peter explains, “This differential or positive cabin pressure must escape, therefore air pressure actually pushes the door out slightly, and a vacuum is created, with a ‘hissing’ noise heard within the cabin.” Aero-PMA-Parts’ Air-Squeeze Kit uses “air chambers” that compress on the ground, keeping out water and wind. In flight, as cabin pressure pushes the door out, the chambers expand, keeping a proper seal between the door and airframe. Contact: Aero-PMA-Parts, (800) 770-3265,

readbackKeep Charts In Plain View
Sporty’s Clearview Chart Holder keeps charts and flight-plan forms accessible, and enables pilots to write on them with an erasable marker. Velcro holds your chart securely in place between two pieces of durable clear plastic, allowing you to read both the front and back. Plot cross-country flights, copy ATIS and record clearances right on the plastic, using the included erasable marker. The 12x12-inch holder is suited for sectional and en route charts, as well as approach plates. Multiple chart holders can be stacked together, so you can have separate charts prepared for departure, en route and destination. Mark up the large side tabs to stay organized. Contact: Sporty’s, (800) SPORTYS,

readbackFADEC For The Plane, FADOC For The Brain
Digital MH EDS-O2D1 and MH EDS-O2D2 FADOC “Pulse Demand” oxygen-delivery systems bridge the gap between clumsy continuous-flow oxygen devices and expensive in-panel systems. GA pilots can now operate safely and comfortably up to 25,000 feet. There are no flow indicators to watch or valves to manually adjust due to altitude changes. Two buttons cycle the MH EDS systems through the various modes that automatically deliver the required supplemental oxygen pulses for various altitudes. Contact: Mountain High Equipment & Supply, (800) 468-8185,

readbackA New Study Buddy
Study Buddy, an online resource that helps pilots prepare for written exams, has been updated and expanded. The program provides free access to unlimited, customizable study sessions and practice tests; users can either study for the test in “Learning Mode” or take exams in “Test Mode.” In Learning Mode, students select categories based on the areas they’d like to review. Test Mode is just like a real exam: A time limit is imposed, users are given a mix of questions and a detailed scoring report identifies areas for additional study. New to Study Buddy is the option to upgrade to a premium service that offers flash cards and more in-depth reviews. Contact: Sporty’s, (800) SPORTYS,

readbackOver 1,000 Publications On One CD-ROM!
The 2009 Pro-Flight Library CD-ROM from ASA makes it easy to access a comprehensive electronic aviation reference library with one mouse click. It provides a savings over the purchase of individual books. Pro-Flight Libnewly revised passages, view both old and new text, simultaneously search multiple publications, and mark and save personalized notes. The 2009 Pro-Flight Library CD-ROM contains the complete text and images for all regulations, the Aeronautical Information Manual, FAA handbooks and airworthiness directives, to name a few resources. Contact: ASA, (800) ASA-2FLY,


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