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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

January/February 2011 Readback

Tecnam P2006T FAA Certified!


On Freq

Sporty’s VFR Communications is a complete course in all types of communications, including ATC, pilot-controlled fields and emergency situations. It also features real-world scenarios to help pilots communicate accurately. Use the program to prepare for your checkride or to booster confidence. An MP3 audio file is included on the DVD so you can listen to the program on your iPod or MP3-capable device. It’s also available as a video download, for your laptop, iPhone or Android phone. Contact: Sporty’s, (800)-SPORTYS,

A-2 Ace

Sporty’s A-2 Ace Jacket is a modern version of the original military flight jacket worn by U.S. Army pilots in World War II. It’s made with soft cabernet leather and incorporates details such as the bi-swing back construction so pilots can move their arms without restrictions. Additional features include full leather cuffs, a leather waistband and traditional A-2 snap and side pockets. Interior pockets can be used to store a cell phone, pens and more. Contact: Sporty’s, (800)-SPORTYS,

The Pacific Theater

War in Pacific Skies fuses art and history in 192 pages of photographs and artwork that depict the air battles at Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Midway and much more. Authors Charlie and Ann Cooper and illustrator Jack Fellows put readers in the cockpit of warbirds such as the Lockheed P-38 Lightning, the Curtiss P-36 Hawk and the TBM Avenger. Contact: Zenith Press,

Logbook Bundle

The LogTen Pro iPad app and Mac software from Coradine Aviation Systems allow pilots to log their flight time digitally. It automatically tracks currency, certificates, ratings, endorsements, medicals and flight reviews, as well as calculates night hours. A powerful filter tracks totals based on most any attribute of flight. The app syncs with LogTen Pro for the iPhone and Mac. Plane & Pilot readers can use the discount code “planeandpilot” for 10% off any Coradine product. Contact: Coradine Aviation Systems,

Tire Pressure Gauge

A new digital, full-range tire pressure gauge from Tool Testing reads in PSI, InHg, Oz/SqIn, Inches or Feet/H2O, Kg/SqCm, Kpa and Bar, with ½% tolerance and as fine as 0.1 PSI resolution. It also holds peak readings and features a built-in bleeder valve. The TTL-300-DTG-K comes in a protective fitted rubber “skin.” Angled and straight chucks mounted on tough flexible hose handles allow comfortable readings of virtually all Schraeder-valve pneumatic wheels and tubes. Quick-disconnect couplings allow instant chuck change-out. Because tires can look different under various conditions (dusty, clean, wet), the TTL-300-DTG-K includes a tire tread-depth gauge. The kit is housed in a rugged foam-fit plastic case. Contact: Tool Testing Lab, (937) 898-5696,

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