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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

January/February 2014 Readback


Kneeboard For iPad Mini

ASA's iPad mini Kneeboard has an elastic strap that secures the binder-like case to the pilot's leg while in flight and is easily removable for everyday use. Inside, the sleeve holds the iPad Mini securely with full access to controls and buttons. The left side has pockets to store documents and provides a writing surface. The cover folds into a flap to serve as a horizontal desktop stand, providing easy landscape viewing and full keyboard access. A hole on the back panel exposes the camera lens for picture taking, and a pen/stylus holder is accessible in any configuration. This black leatherette with embossed wings measure eight and 5⁄16 inches high by five and 7⁄8 wide when folded in closed position (12 and 1⁄4 inches wide when opened). Contact:

Record Cockpit Audio With Your GoPro

Pilot USA has several adapters to allow pilots to input their aircraft intercom audio directly into their own video recordings. The most common is the GoPro Hero3 adapter (PA-80S/HERO3), which utilizes the mini-USB input on the HERO3 camera. Many pilots also use their smartphone as a voice recorder in the cockpit. Pilot USA's PA-80S/iPhone adapter will work with iPhones and most other smartphones and tablets. Contact:

IFR Communications

Sporty's IFR Communications demonstrates real-world flying and communicating in the IFR system by taking viewers on three flights in a variety of airplanes. The first real-world flight is in a Cessna Skyhawk equipped for VOR navigation, followed by a flight in a Garmin G1000-equipped Cessna Skylane and finally in a high-performance Piper Malibu Mirage. These three flights incorporate several types of airports ranging from a rural, non-towered airport to Chicago's heavily traveled Midway. The demands of each flight and how the pilots effectively manage all available resources to complete each flight are demonstrated. This program also includes an IFR communications refresher, including emergency communication procedures. Contact:

Garmin Pilot Watch

Garmin's D2 is a new aviation GPS-enabled watch designed specifically for pilots, featuring direct-to and nearest functions, as well as an adjustable altimeter, compass, horizontal situation indicator and option to display conveniently both local and Zulu/UTC time. Pilots can select data fields to display, including groundspeed, track, estimated time en route, bearing and glide ratio. Vibrating alerts can be set, specific to altitude and/or elapsed time. While using an iPad 3 (or a newer model) and select Android tablets with Garmin Pilot, pilots can upload flight plans, create waypoints and wirelessly transfer them to D2. The watch can also remotely control Garmin's VIRB, an HD video camera. Contact:


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