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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

July 2008 Readback

readbackCessna Aircraft Company will offer Garmin’s G1000 Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT) on all its G1000-equipped aircraft. The Citation Mustang will be the first bizjet to integrate Garmin’s SVT, and Cessna expects to offer SVT on the Caravan family and all Cessna single-engine piston aircraft in the future. In most cases, SVT will be available for retrofit in earlier-production, G1000-equipped Cessnas.
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Now Hiring!
Mesaba Airlines and Kansas State University have partnered to put professional-pilot students on an accelerated track to becoming flight officers. The partnership will offer student pilots who complete a number of required courses an employment interview with Mesaba, a subsidiary of Northwest Airlines. Visit and

readbackFirst Diesel-Powered LSA
IndUS Aviation has introduced the first diesel-powered LSA, the Thorpedo DP. A step forward in environmentally friendly aviation, the proof-of-concept aircraft flew to Lakeland, Fla., from Dallas, Texas, where IndUS is based. “Avgas isn’t available around the world like it is here in the United States, so to make general aviation accessible around the world, we need an aircraft that uses a more readily available fuel,” said IndUS President Ram Pattisapu. “The reduced fuel burn over avgas makes the diesel-powered aircraft very economical to operate.” The 120 hp, three-cylinder, two-stroke, liquid-cooled, turbocharged engine is installed in an inverted configuration. Fuel consumption (Jet A) is 3 to 3.5 gph. It’s the first ASTM-compliant diesel engine to enter the marketplace. Orders are being accepted for deliveries later this year. Estimated cost is $125,000 for a night VFR–equipped Thorpedo DP. For more, visit

readbackDelta Connection + Embry-Riddle
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide and Delta Connection Academy formally announced a cooperative agreement to allow academy students with specific FAA licenses to apply for college credits toward a higher education degree. Both establishments will continue working together to expand the scope and availability of aviation education to students. Visit and

readbackSport Cub On Floats
CubCrafters recently announced the certification of Baumann 1500 Straight Floats for the Sport Cub. At gross weight, the puddle jumper can take off from the water in less than eight seconds. Pricing starts at $141,500. Learn more at

Product previews

readbackNAVAir Approaches 3D
By offering a 3D view of an aircraft during an approach, AirGator President Amir Tirosh asserts that the new NAVAir Approaches 3D offers “unprecedented situational awareness.” Viewable on PDAs, handhelds or tablet PC EFB devices, NAVAir Approaches 3D shows the aircraft’s position in “plan view” and on the vertical profile; it can be accessed either from AirGator’s NAVAirEFB moving map or NAVAir Approaches 3D intuitive user interface. The viewer enables a pilot to prepare for and execute approaches successfully; it also displays the airplane on an airport diagram for improved taxiing awareness. The viewer is $249 with 12 months of data updates and program enhancements. Subscription renewals are $189 yearly. For more information, call AirGator at (914) 666-5656 or visit

readbackGot Mold?
Aerox, a manufacturer of portable aviation oxygen systems founded in 1982, offers a ventilated MSK-BAG Mask and Cannula Storage Case with ventilating mesh construction to prevent mold growth on oxygen equipment. The 14-ounce canvas case features open plastic mesh on both sides, allowing air flow to prevent moisture from accumulating on your mask or cannula. Bacteria can quickly reproduce on the surface of a moisture-laden mask or cannula. (Aerox also treats its oxygen masks, sold separately, with an anti-mold coating to prevent growth and contamination.) For more information, call Aerox at (800) 237-6902 or visit

readbackYour One-Stop
Flight-Planning Source Jeppesen brings critical flight information and planning to smart phones and PDAs with Jeppesen Mobile, its latest product offering. Powered by Hilton Software, Jeppesen Mobile is ideal for pilots who demand the utmost in portability and convenience. Jeppesen Mobile consolidates critical preflight, in-flight and postflight info and functionality into one tightly integrated package. Included in the annual subscription is DUATS support, TFR data sorted by state and time, color-coded METARs and more. For more information, call Jeppesen at (800) 621-5377 or visit

readbackWorld’s First Satellite Messenger
Anybody who plans on flying outside populated areas should consider using this product, which is among a new class of emergency locators. SPOT uses the GPS satellite network to acquire its coordinates and then send its location—with a link to Google Maps—and a preprogrammed message. Backed by one of the world’s leading mobile satellite companies, the SPOT satellite network is employed by more than 50,000 governmental and industrial clients, and averages a greater-than-99% message success rate. Additionally, unlike personal locator beacons, SPOT goes beyond emergency assistance: It allows you to track your progress and check in with loved ones with the push of a button. Because it uses 100% satellite technology, SPOT works around the world, even where cell phones don’t. For more information, call Spot Inc. at (866) OK1-SPOT or visit

readbackFly Gear For Fly Boys
FlyBoys’ line of pilot gear includes a Crew Bag, Helmet Bag, PubsBag, a best-selling IFR/VFR Kneeboard and many other offerings. The heavy-duty Crew Bag outperforms similar bags, and it does so at a lighter weight. The super-tight-knit nylon Helmet Bag is extremely water-resistant and provides superior protection for your expensive equipment—the soft interior lining won’t scratch your visor. The PubsBag is ideally suited for keeping items within easy reach while you’re flying and mission planning. It integrates perfectly with FlyBoys’ Kneeboard, which secures checklists, plastic checklist pages or your in-flight guide. For more information, call Aircraft Spruce at (877) 4SPRUCE or visit

readbackHigh-Quality Back-Up
Castleberry Instruments has developed a back-up attitude indicator that’s an approved substitute for previously mandated rate-of-turn indicators in Part 23 aircraft operating as Part 91 and less than 12,500 pounds. As the FAA states in AC91-75: “Substituting a second attitude indicator (with a power source independent from the primary attitude indicator) for the rate-of-turn indicator will provide an increased level of safety.” Castleberry’s Attitude Indicator replaces the turn-and-bank and may be installed in the same panel location, freeing up crowded panel space. Available in 14- or 28-volt versions, the indicator has an inclinometer for use in standard-rate turns and a failure warning flag to indicate loss of gyro rpm. For more information, call Aircraft Spruce at (877) 4SPRUCE or visit


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