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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

June 2011 Readback

Super Legend

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At Sun ’n Fun, American Legend Aircraft introduced their new Super Legend, the latest in their lineup of two-place sport aircraft. The Super Legend sports a 115 hp Lycoming 233 Series lightweight engine, and comes standard with a Sensenich ground-adjustable propeller. Enhancements include lightweight carbon-fiber components such as cowling, doors, interior panels, spinner and wingtip bows. A parking-brake system, fuel-access steps on the landing gear and a body-conforming adjustable seat also are standard equipment. Toe brakes are available as an option. Landing options include tundra tires, floats and skis. The Super Legend now is being offered at a $139,900 introductory price. Certification of the Lycoming 233 Series LSA engine is expected in Q3 2011. Certification flight testing and load testing of the Super Legend is planned for Q4 2011. First deliveries will follow in Q1 2012. Visit

Friends Of SMO

Aviation enthusiast and Academy Award Winner Tony Bill spoke at an event hosted by Friends of Santa Monica Airport. Bill has flown more than 50 aircraft types, and is an inducted member of the Living Legends of Aviation. Attendees were treated to a collection of dogfighting clips depicting the flying skills used to get the most realistic and dramatic footage in his film Flyboys. “He discussed lens work, camera trickery and the unbelievable flying used to capture the frantic intensity of air-to-air combat,” reports Liz DeStaffany of FOSMO. “His insight to the conditions pioneering combat pilots endured was exciting and educational, offering even experienced and modern aviators a glimpse into the past of aviation’s history.” Visit

Help Amanda Franklin

Kyle and Amanda Franklin were injured during an air show performance on March 12, and are currently being treated for burns in San Antonio, Texas. To help with a donation, visit or

Honeywell & Aspen

Honeywell and Aspen Avionics are teaming up to deliver a NextGen-ready multifunction touch-screen cockpit display to GA. Honeywell’s Bendix/King KSN 770 is part of the Apex Edge series, delivering an MFD with GPS, communication and navigation capabilities on a 5.7-inch touch screen. “Honeywell’s Bendix/King KSN 770 has an architecture that interfaces with more than 90% of general aviation aircraft flying today,” said Rob Wilson, president of Business and General Aviation at Honeywell Aerospace. “The new KSN 770 will be highly integrated with Aspen’s Evolution Flight Displays, creating a range of display options for our customers.” Visit and

Maule Panel Options

Aspen Avionics and Maule Air announced the Evolution Flight Display System as an optional factory upgrade on new Maule aircraft. “This year, we are celebrating 50 years of our Type Certificate. Our products have endured not only because of great design work, but also because of continual improvements to the airframe that make our products even better,” said Brent Maule, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Maule Air. “We are happy to offer the advanced glass-panel capabilities of the Evolution System to further enhance the value we bring to our customers.” Visit

Tutima Open House

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of The Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety, watch journalists from around the globe were hosted for a long weekend at the flight school in northern California. The two-day open-house event featured aerobatic and formation flying with founder Sean D. Tucker in the flight school’s Extra 300 and Pitts aircraft. Visit

Avemco Safety Team

Avemco Insurance announced its new 2011 Safety Team dedicated to improving loss-prevention standards by advancing general aviation training and awareness. The team currently includes John and Martha King; Kirby Ortega, chief pilot at Cessna; Kevin Clover, National FAASTeam manager; Bill Rhodes, PhD of Aerworthy Consulting; Bob Wright, principle, Wright Aviation Solutions; Tom Turner, owner of Mastery Flight Training and Jerry Gregoire, chairman of Redbird Flight Simulations. “Given the current accident rate and the clear evidence that pilot error continues to be the primary ongoing problem, the need for pilots to participate in a new paradigm of training is obvious,” said Avemco President Jim Lauerman. “We’ve formed the Avemco Safety Team to help loss-prevention efforts and make our Safety Rewards Program even more effective.” Visit


Gets DA42s Embry-Riddle University in Prescott will take delivery of four Diamond Aircraft DA42 NG before the new school year. The new DA42s will be used as multi-engine trainers for new flight students, starting in August. “The DA42 NG provides us with an exceptionally safe and fuel-efficient multi-engine training platform with the latest in engine, avionics and airframe technologies. And, the AE300 turbo diesel is perfect for our high-altitude training environment,” said William O’Hara, interim director of Flight Operations at Embry-Riddle Prescott. Visit and

iPad 2 Testing

Jeppesen completed a rapid- decompression test of iPad 2 to an altitude of 51,000 feet, proving the integrity of iPad 2 in sudden cabin-pressure loss. Last year, Jeppesen completed a similar test of a representative iPad as part of a successful program to obtain initial FAA authorization for the Jeppesen Mobile TC charting app. Structural changes in iPad 2 warranted a new test. No anomalies were detected during either iPad testing period. Visit

UND Orders Skyhawks

The University of North Dakota has ordered five new 172 Skyhawks to add to its training fleet. The Skyhawks are scheduled for delivery in July and August. The order is part of a multiyear agreement between Cessna UND’s John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences to modernize its fleet of single-engine piston aircraft, and will bring the training fleet to 63 Skyhawks. Visit and

Sweepstakes Winner

John and Martha King announced that Rodney Mullinax of Texico, Ill., is the winner of their 35th Anniversary Sweepstakes. “We can’t imagine a better winner. Rodney is a passionate pilot, airplane owner and CFI, and he loves learning new things about flying,” John King commented. Rodney and his wife, Jana, a student pilot herself, will travel on an all-expenses-paid trip to Alaska Floats & Skis in Talkeetna, where Rodney will earn his seaplane rating and take a bush-flying course. He’ll also receive a Redbird TD simulator, plus a King Schools Get-It-All Kit. “King Schools has helped me succeed as a pilot from private through CFI, and beyond,” noted Mullinax, “and winning the sweepstakes is a dream come true.” Visit


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