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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

June 2011 Readback

Super Legend


Fly The Skycatcher

John and Martha King’s new course, “Flying the Cessna Skycatcher,” demonstrates all the basic maneuvers in the Skycatcher, and is designed for pilots transitioning to the Cessna Skycatcher, or for those just interested in knowing what flying the Cessna Skycatcher would be like. It’s the exclusive transition course used by Cessna Pilot Centers worldwide. The DVD includes over three hours of video. Contact:

Become An ATP

The second edition of ASA’s Airline Transport Pilot Oral Exam Guide by Michael Hayes has been updated to reflect the latest regulations and procedures, including the proposed new regulations dealing with crew fatigue. The question-and-answer study guide helps applicants prepare for the checkride by listing the most frequently asked questions by FAA examiners, supported with succinct responses. Chapters are dedicated to turbine aircraft theory, performance and limitations, airline operational procedures, aeronautical decision-making, and more. Contact:

Swivel Light

This horizontal-shaped swivel light features 30 bright-white LED lights, and unlike incandescent bulbs, is cool to the touch. Rated at 90 lumens, the 30 LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours or 11.4 years of continuous service. The head pivots -5 to 90 degrees and rotates 300 degrees, great for the confined spaces of a cockpit. The light requires three AA cell batteries (included) to operate. Available at Pep Boys.

World War II Memories

Contact! Britain! by Nancy Miller
Livingston Stratford is an engaging look at what it was like to be a female ferry pilot in Britain during the height of World War II. Nancy Miller was a 450-hour pilot and turning 23 years old when she was recruited by Jackie Cochran to fly for the Air Transport Auxiliary. For three years, she flew 50 different types of fighters and bombers without radios or a copilot. Her warm writing style brings the joy of flight to life.

Sport Pilot Test Prep

Gleim’s Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Prep software is designed to help LSA student pilots pass their knowledge test. It provides study outlines, FAA charts and figures, and every known FAA question. Users can customize study and test sessions using the actual FAA airmen knowledge test questions. A Performance Analysis Browser allows students to track their progress and focus attention on areas needing improvement. Contact:


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