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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

June 2012 Readback


Fold-Up Bike

One challenge of flying a small plane can be transportation at the airstrip. While visiting remote locations is certainly one of the perks of being a pilot, it's also nice to explore the surrounding areas and travel to nearby towns without always having to go on foot. SwissBike X90, the new high-performance mountain bike from Montague Corporation, is a rugged full-size bike that folds, without tools, to a compact 36x28x12 inches. In addition to the SwissBike X90, Montague offers complete lines of folding pavement and mountain bikes. Contact:

Flight Instructor Refresher

The new online Flight Instructor Refresher Course from King Schools follows the latest guidance from the FAA, recently released as revision "G" of FAA Advisory Circular 61-83, which specifies more up-to-date topics for flight instructors and puts emphasis on effectively teaching risk management. Users have the option for King Schools to handle all of their instructor's certificate renewal paperwork, making it unnecessary for them to visit their local FSDO to renew their certificate. The program will run on the iPad and on all Windows and Mac web browsers. Contact:

Outback Pilot Hat

"Roger's Hat" from Lost Squadron is an Aussie-style Outback Hat made of 100% heavy cotton canvas. On the front is the camo Spitfire design, and on the back are the Lost Squadron stripes and a roundel mark. It's a great hat for air shows, providing better sun protection, and for those who don't like wearing ball caps. When it's windy on the ramp, use the locking draw cord, and when it's hot outside, the brass eyelets will help keep you cool. Contact:


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