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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

June 2012 Readback

Video Your Flight

The Nflightcam Plus is an easy-to-use video camera that offers full 1080p HD video and allows you to share your passion for flight with others, from your landing at a unique airport, a cross-country adventure or an aerobatic flight. It's also great for flight training: Students can quickly review a flight lesson, including all cockpit audio and ATC transmissions, during a post-flight briefing with their instructor. The NFlightcam comes with a tough aluminum case, which is waterproof to one meter, and weighs less than six ounces. The camera lens can be rotated to mount the camera at any angle, and dual lasers as well as an iPhone app allow for precise alignment. The camera comes with software to edit and share your video with friends. Contact:

Learn From Barry Schiff

With more than four hours of instruction, Barry Schiff's three-disk DVD series Proficient Flying, explains more of the "how" and "why" rather than just the "what." With each topic, ranging from takeoff techniques and weight-and-balance to pitot-static pitfalls and engine operating hints, Schiff presents information at an intuitive level, often taking the viewer along in the cockpit to demonstrate concepts. Proficient Flying has something for everyone, whether you're a student just starting up, or an accomplished aviator thinking about getting that seaplane rating or just wanting to refine your slip technique. In addition to the full DVD set, 18 individual subject segments are available for download. Contact:

Fly The Icon In Hawaii

The new Microsoft Flight PC game features the Icon A5 over a backdrop of the Big Island of Hawaii. The starter pack is available to download for free, and Microsoft also has announced pricing for additional downloadable content, including the rest of the Hawaiian Islands and four other aircraft besides the A5. No special hardware is required to play the game. Contact: and

Letters From My Son

Rooted in Texas, the adventures of Early Willson Junior immerse the reader in life during the depression, the beginnings of World War II and society goings-on. A journey takes a simple boy from Texas to the big city of New York to rub elbows with Dorothy Lamour and Cab Calloway, on to the historic field from which Howard Hughes and Amelia Earhart soared into record books, and finally across the ocean to "give his all" in World War II with Britain's Royal Air Force. Contact:

New GCA Headsets

The new Gulf Coast Avionics ANR II headset includes features such as cell phone and music input, dual volume controls with stereo and mono selection, reversible mic boom and battery status indicator. The headset weighs 14 ounces and comes with a three-year factory warranty. The new product line also includes a secondary level noise-cancelling headset along with a lineup of ultra-light headsets, including a model designed specifically for helicopter use and models designed for children. Contact:


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