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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

June 2013 Readback

Free Non-Towered Airport released a free video refresher program for nontowered airport operations. It includes three short videos ranging from six to 12 minutes. PilotWorkshops founder Mark Robidoux commented, "With the recent announcement of 149 tower closures, there will suddenly be thousands of pilots flying into and out of airports that had ATC services one day and none the next. While all of us are trained in these procedures, it's easy to become rusty if you aren't using a skill. We wanted to make this refresher available to all pilots for free in the hopes that it makes flying a bit safer for all of us." Visit

Bombardier On Rodeo Drive

In celebration of Learjet's 50th anniversary, Rodeo Drive Concours d'Elegance will welcome the Learjet 85 as the first aircraft to ever appear on the famous street in Beverly Hills. Designed by Bombardier, the Learjet 85 is available for fractional jet ownership through Flexjet. The Rodeo Drive Committee has selected "The Jet Age" as the 2013 theme to honor this milestone. A full-scale mock-up of the Learjet 85—the first business jet made using carbon- composite materials—will be the centerpiece of the 200 block of Rodeo Drive, surrounded by a wide variety of vintage and racing cars and motorcycles from world-renowned brands. The event takes place on Father's Day, Sunday, June 16th. Visit, and

Garmin Avionics For LSA

Garmin announced seven new products for LSA that offer enhanced capabilities, reduced weight and simplified installation. Garmin's new lower-cost and lighter-weight ADAHRS and new EIS interface module enable a significant reduction in the G3X price. In addition, Garmin has introduced new product options that bring enhanced capability to the G3X system, including a fully integrated Garmin autopilot, an angle-of- attack probe and a remote- mount ADS-B receiver. Garmin also introduced the remote-mount GDL 39R, which combines a dual-link ADS-B receiver and a GPS receiver. Visit


Spider S5 Tracker

The new S5 portable tracking device from Spidertracks features a compact design and integrates Bluetooth communication to allow for two-way messaging, SOS alerting and real-time flight tracking. When used in combination with the new Spidertxt app, smartphones can be connected to the tracking unit. Subscribers can then send and receive SMS messages from any mobile phone on the ground or from the spidertracks website through the Iridium Satellite Network. The S5 runs on auxiliary power, such as a cigarette lighter. Contact:

New Book From Richard Bach

Travels With Puff: A Gentle Game Of Life And Death recounts Bach's journey from Florida to Washington state in his seaplane. The best-selling author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and accomplished pilot (former USAF) provides humor, wisdom and insight but also challenges our ideas of fate and asks the reader how they can prepare for the emergencies in their own lives. Contact:

New LED Light

The new SunSpot 46 from AeroLEDs is an LED light that can be used for landing, recognition and taxi purposes. It consumes only 70 watts maximum, but produces 4,000 lumens. The larger SunSpots are available in two models, the 46 HX and 46 LX. Both lights have screw terminals that can be connected in either polarity for steady on light, and the HX has three additional wires that support a built-in pulse mode that can be set up for individual pulsing or synchronized with other lights for wig-wag. The SunSpot 46 can be installed in LSA and a PMA for certified aircraft is expected this summer. Contact:

The Pilot's Manual

ASA's fifth update to their private pilot syllabus offers a flight and ground training course that meets both Part 61 and Part 141 requirements. Flight lessons are presented side by side with associated ground lessons, and the syllabus includes optional reviews for each stage. An airman certificate rating application, checkride checklist and instructor endorsements for pre-solo, solo and cross-country flights, as well as endorsements for aeronautical knowledge and flight proficiency are included. The manual is also available as an eBook. Contact:


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