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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Lightspeed Teams Up With CloudAhoy For Summer Promotion

Portland, OR (June 12, 2014) — Lightspeed Aviation, a leading manufacturer of premium aviation headsets, has partnered with CloudAhoy on a new promotion that gives U.S. pilots a Standard annual subscription to the online flight tracking and debriefing service as their gift when they purchase any new Lightspeed headset between June 13 and August 17, 2014 and register it by August 31, 2014.

"The CloudAhoy app has received accolades from the pilots that use it and we are excited to offer this exciting product to Lightspeed customers as a bonus when they buy a headset," said Teresa De Mers, Lightspeed's Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, & Customer Support. "It is consistent with our mission to make flying as enjoyable as possible, and incorporate the use of advanced technologies to enhance the fun and safety of flight."

CloudAhoy collects GPS data for the entire flight from Apple's iPad® and iPhone®, as well as from external devices that can connect to the iPad or iPhone. It then integrates the data with information from a comprehensive suite of aviation resources, uses a rule-based engine to analyze the data, and displays the results in detailed, 2D, 3D, static, and animated screens. CloudAhoy even factors in the known flight characteristics of different aircraft models. A Standard Annual subscription costs $45.

"Teaming up with Lightspeed was a natural for us," said Chuck Shavit, CloudAhoy's founder. "Like CloudAhoy, they focus on pushing the envelope of what's possible in technology while always working to enhance the flying experience for pilots and their passengers. We see CloudAhoy's debrief service as part of the aviation ecosystem, making flying interesting and fun".

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About Lightspeed Aviation
Lightspeed Aviation is a leading manufacturer of premium aviation headsets. Since introducing its first product at EAA AirVenture in 1996, Lightspeed has established a reputation for leading innovation in aviation headsets with a number of first to market advances, including Bluetooth® integration, Auto Shutoff™, and, with Zulu PFX, Streaming Quiet™ ANR. This has earned Lightspeed a loyal customer following among professional, commercial, and private pilots.

Lightspeed also creates shared values with both employees and customers by generously participating in corporate charity matching programs and through its funding of the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation, which supports growth and compassion-related causes with an aviation focus.


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