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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

May 2009 Readback

Embraer Phenom 100 Certified Delivered

readbackUnrestricted U.S. FAA certification of Embraer’s smallest jet, the Phenom 100, was awarded in December 2008, and the first delivery was made to James and Elizabeth Frost on December 24 in São José dos Campos, Brazil. “Surprises” in the final certified operating specs were an improved range (1,178 nm with four aboard), shortened max performance field requirements (now 3,125 feet at MTOW under standard conditions) and a 301-foot improvement in landing distance, among others. EASA certification is expected in Q2 2009, with European deliveries to begin shortly after. Visit
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readbackRobinson Production Record
Robinson Helicopter Company broke its own record by producing 893 civil helicopters in 2008, surpassing its prior record of 823 set in 2007. Introduced in 2002, the Raven II, a more powerful version of the original R44, accounts for 60% of the company’s aircraft sales. The original R44, later designated the Raven I, accounts for roughly 20% of aircraft sales. Visit

Texas Sport Kit In Brazil
Texas Sport Aircraft Company has made its first international customer delivery of a Texas Sport aircraft kit. Luiz Claudio Gonçalves, general manager of Flyer Indústria Aeronáutica, accepted delivery of his crated Texas Sport kit in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Visit and

readbackHusky Upgrades
New or existing Huskys can now be equipped with the Garmin G600 IFR panel. The system will interface with most autopilots and provide GPS horizontal steering data for flying arcs, holding patterns and procedure turns. In addition, pilots will have the option to install an Electronic Instruments MVP-50 color engine-instrument monitor. New Huskys are also being fitted with vernier throttle and mixture controls and an enlarged entry door. Visit

readbackJeppesen’s New Online Course
The new Online Private Pilot Test Prep course from Jeppesen was built from the ground up using engaging, interactive content that maximizes learner retention. The comprehensive course fully prepares students to take the FAA written knowledge exam and provides detailed lessons that can be used by students and flight instructors. The course is offered in three versions and is the first in a series of online courses from Jeppesen. Contact: Jeppesen, (800) 353-2107,

A Piece Of Aviation History
readbackMotoArt’s line of repurposed aircraft parts now includes the F-4 Ejection Bar Stool, which incorporates the original bucket seat from a Phantom Jet Fighter. It features the original paint with highlighted accents, high-performance upholstery and custom-fabricated aluminum legs that are powder-coated with reflective silver. [To learn more about MotoArt, read “MotoArt: Beautiful & Functional” from Pilot Journal March/April 2007.] Contact: MotoArt, (310) 375-4531,

readbackFeel The Heat
When the temperature drops, it’s imperative that you keep your airplane’s engine warm. Instead of blasting extreme heat into the engine compartment like some heaters do, the AeroTherm Deuce evenly and consistently heats all parts of the engine by using the same principle as your home furnace. It’s affordable, efficient, quick and easy to use! Contact: Aerotherm Heaters, (800) 401-4397,


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