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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

May 2011 Readback

Cirrus Acquired By Chinese Company

New ADS-B Display

SkyVision Xtreme announced its new ADS-B traffic and weather display, with 3D traffic, subscription-free weather and control inputs for the Universal Access Transceiver. The “Xtreme Vision” display system can collect and display all information provided by the ADS-B system. This includes highly accurate traffic, allowing it to be displayed in 3D (patent pending), in addition to the 2D top view that traditional traffic displays use. If the traffic is ADS-B equipped, it will also display the traffic type: large or small aircraft, an airship, a rotorcraft, ground vehicle, etc. Human-voice audio alerts notify pilots of traffic threats with distance, direction and altitude callouts. The Xtreme Vision display can be used to control the transmitted data of the ADS-B transceiver, which is an FAA requirement. For any pilot to receive the full benefit of ADS-B, they must transmit an acceptable ADS-B signal back to ATC, which includes an appropriate squawk code. This transmission not only increases air safety by helping ATC and other aircraft know a pilot’s position, it also triggers ADS-B ground stations to broadcast traffic data to them. Visit and

Piper Market Share

Piper Aircraft significantly increased its new-aircraft market share, billings and deliveries during 2010, highlighted by the company’s performance in the pilot-training sector. For the year 2010, Piper delivered 160 new aircraft, up more than 75% from 90 aircraft in 2009. The new deliveries contributed more than $120 million in billings, up nearly 38% from $86 million in the previous year. Within the combined turboprop and piston markets where it currently competes, Piper’s overall market share for new aircraft deliveries grew from 10.5% in new aircraft unit volume in 2009 to 20.1% during 2010. Leading Piper’s resurgence in 2010 were worldwide deliveries of 47 training aircraft to pilot-training institutions in Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, Qatar and the U.S. Visit

Lower Insurance For CFIs

Daniel Insurance announced that it has secured an A+-rated carrier that will no longer charge the extra premium on life insurance if you’re a flight instructor and, if you qualify medically, will offer its best rate class at Preferred Plus. This equates to a 60% or more savings. Visit

Lindbergh Foundation Awards

Dean Kamen, inventor, educator and pilot, has been selected to receive the prestigious Lindbergh Award for 2011. In addition, the Lindbergh Foundation will recognize GE Aviation as the recipient of its Corporate Award for Balance, and Milbry Polk, Founder and Director Emeritus of Wings WorldQuest, of the Anne Morrow Lindbergh Award. These awardees will be honored at the 34th annual Lindbergh Award Celebration and Dinner during the 2011 Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In & Expo. “Dean Kamen is probably best known as the inventor of the Segway, but he is also a talented single-pilot jet jockey and flies all over in his Beechcraft Premier,” said Linden Blue, Lindbergh Foundation Board member. “However, our entire board of directors was extremely impressed by Dean Kamen’s lifelong dedication to helping people lead better lives through breakthrough medical innovations, such as the insulin pump.” Visit


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