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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

May 2011 Readback

Cirrus Acquired By Chinese Company


Portable Intercom

The new DRE-205e from DRE Communications is a complete redesign of the previous model, and can be used as a portable intercom or permanently installed in a panel. Accessory inputs allow the unit to be connected to a suite of other devices, including engine monitors, collision avoidance equipment and other instruments with auditory alarms such as stall warnings and altimeter alerts. It can be configured for 2-, 4- or 6-place applications, with individual squelch circuits and push-to-talk jacks for pilots and passengers. There’s a stuck-mic warning, and the unit automatically mutes any cockpit entertainment to allow communication with ATC. The unit can run on aircraft power or two 9V batteries. Contact:

Oxygen Times Two

The Mountain High EDS-O2D2 Pulse Demand Oxygen Delivery System is a single-unit, portable, two-place oxygen system that allows the pilot to customize a system to his or her specific needs. It’s designed and calibrated to be used with one of their regulators, but will also work with a previously built-in system. Various configurations are available: The full O2D2 kit comes with three AA batteries, two cannulas and two face masks in a carry bag. Various configurations of our complete O2D2 systems are listed below. Contact:

Online LSA School

Gleim is offering an FAA-approved ground school available in Part 61 and Part 141 versions. The online course consists of an introductory overview with audiovisuals, a printable Knowledge Transfer Outline, a multiple-choice study quiz and a multiple-choice test at the end of each study unit. In addition, there are several stage tests throughout the course, and an end-of-course test that assesses overall knowledge. The course also includes practice tests, which emulate both CATS and LaserGrade testing centers. After taking and passing this course, Gleim provides an endorsement for users to take their knowledge test. Contact:

iPad & Organizer

The iPad Flight Desk from Sporty’s holds your iPad in place, and features an organizer section with pocketsto store charts, flight plan forms, a notepad and more. It also features an adjustable viewing angle for flexibility, and a built-in leg strap for stability. A zipper closes the Flight Deck completely to protect your iPad, and an external handle enables easy carrying. It measures 18.5x12 inches open and 9x12x2 inches closed. Contact:

World War II Memories

Contact! Britain! by Nancy Miller
Livingston Stratford is an engaging look at what it was like to be a female ferry pilot in Britain during the height of World War II. Nancy Miller was a 450-hour pilot and turning 23 years old when she was recruited by Jackie Cochran to fly for the Air Transport Auxiliary. For three years, she flew 50 different types of fighters and bombers without radios or a copilot. Her warm writing style brings the joy of flight to life.

Sport Pilot Test Prep

Gleim’s new Sport Pilot Knowledge Test Prep software is designed to help LSA student pilots pass their knowledge test. It provides study outlines for review, all FAA charts and figures, and every known FAA question. Users can create customized study and test sessions using the actual FAA airmen knowledge test questions. A Performance Analysis Browser allows students to track their progress and focus attention on areas needing improvement. Contact:


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