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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Nov-Dec 2007 On The Radar

XLS+ Completes First Flight

xls+ first flightThe latest version of the world’s best-selling business jet model, the Citation XLS+, recently completed its first flight. “With the flight progressing as planned and the aircraft performing as expected, this first flight was a great success,” said Cessna Citation XLS+ Program Manager Kevin Steinert. “The integration of the new Collins Pro Line 21 and Pratt & Whitney’s FADEC-equipped engines went smoothly, and we look forward to continuing this program on schedule.”" />

auracle engine management systemFAA Paves The Way For New GA Engine Technology
The FAA has given the go-ahead to New York–based Xerion Avionix LLC for installation of the AuRACLE Engine Management System into general aviation aircraft. The new STC significantly reshapes how pilots manage engine information, resulting in significant improvements to in-flight fuel management and engine operations.

“The FAA has allowed us to integrate a complete overview of up-to-the-second engine data with a state-of-the-art fuel computer,” says Xerion’s Eric Hathaway. “Now general aviation pilots can literally micromanage the aircraft’s engine performance and fuel consumption with a single, intuitive, digital presentation—the AuRACLE.”

The AuRACLE operates with both four- and six-cylinder engines. The single, five-inch, high-definition, sunlight-readable, color screen can be configured to display any and all information required by an individual aircraft, including rpm, manifold pressure, fuel flow, oil temperature, oil pressure, CHT, EGT, percentage of horsepower, voltage/amperage, vacuum pressure, OAT, TIT, carburetor temperature, fuel pressure, induction air temperature, compressor discharge temperature, tach time and GPS interface. That data, combined with AuRACLE’s SmartLean Intuitive Leaning Process and fuel computer, offers general aviation pilots an entirely new level of power management.

The FAA approval allows the AuRACLE to serve as primary instrumentation, replacing the aircraft’s legacy engine “steam” gauges. Additionally, the system employs a unique Engine Interface Unit, installed on the engine side of the firewall, which reduces engine-instrumentation firewall penetrations to one single, more streamlined cannon-style bulkhead connector.

The new AuRACLE Engine Management System is now available for the Beechcraft Bonanza A36, and Xerion is seeking retrofit STCs for all major aircraft types. For more information on the AuRACLE, visit www.xerionavionix.com.


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