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Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 2008 Readback

Electric LSA Are Charging Up

Randall Fishman’s ElectraFlyer-C monoplane can fly for 1.5 hours on 75 cents of lithium-polymer battery power. Fishman aims to wed one of his larger motor-battery power packs with a two-seat aircraft.

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New CAPT Campus
Commercial Airline Pilot Training (CAPT) Program has opened a new campus at Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Fla. The program will be identical to the 12- to 14-month ab initio program at CAPT’s headquarters at Flagler in Palm Coast, Fla. The training devices will include AATDs and FTDs; Cirrus SR20s and Avidyne-equipped Piper Seminoles will comprise the training fleet. “We’re excited to grow our organization and help provide training for the pilot shortages being felt around the world,” said CAPT Executive Director Chris Kokai. Visit and

readbackVGs On Dakotas
Micro AeroDynamics has added tapered-wing Piper PA28s to its growing list of GA models that can be upgraded with Micro Vortex Generators (VGs). Flight-testing for the new installation showed a 9% reduction in stall speed, a much higher roll rate, improved aileron control even in stall and improved controllability in slow-speed operations. The kit includes 100 VGs that are mounted across the full span of the wings. Another 24 VGs are attached to the vertical stabilizer, and 72 are mounted on the underside of the horizontal stabilator. Learn more at and

New Coverage From Avemco
Avemco Insurance Company has announced two new offerings: insurance coverage for aircraft owners who buy and sell aircraft on a part-time or sideline basis, and insurance for CFIs. Aircraft Trader Insurance provides coverage previously unavailable to noncommercial traders who aren’t dealers but end up buying and selling several aircraft over the course of a year. Avemco CFI provides full-time coverage for part-time CFIs who wish to conduct flight training in their own aircraft. Beginning August 1, 2008, both policies were made available in most states. Learn more by visiting

readbackTop Cub Certified In Canada
The CC18-180 Top Cub from CubCrafters has received type certification from Transport Canada. This certification allows new, certified, ready-to-fly Cubs to be delivered to customers in Canada. With a useful load of 1,100 pounds, the Top Cub is well-suited for work or recreation in Canada. The optional Wipline 2100 Amphibious Floats open remote hunting and fishing destinations to pilots. Tundra tires in sizes of up to 35 inches are approved, and optional cargo belly pods allow numerous options for up to 350 pounds of cargo in addition to two people and full fuel. For more information, visit

readbackPlaneSmart In Houston
PlaneSmart Aviation, which has been providing cost-effective fractional aircraft shares for more than four years, has launched operations in Houston, Texas. For a one-time initial investment and monthly management fee, customers in the Professionally Managed Shared Ownership program receive equity ownership in a new Cirrus SR22-G3 Turbo, access to a growing fleet of airplanes and more. Visit

readbackKings In Hall Of Fame
The San Diego Air & Space Museum has inducted John and Martha King of King Schools into its International Aerospace Hall of Fame. The Kings join other members of the “Distinguished Class of 2008,” including Scott Carpenter, one of the Original Mercury Seven “Right Stuff” Astronauts, and the Tuskegee Airmen, represented by Roscoe Brown and Lee Archer. Honorees were selected for their historic contributions to aviation, space or aviation technology. The Kings are the first couple to both hold every category and class of FAA rating on their pilot and instructor certificates. Martha is the first and only woman to achieve this. Log on to and

King Courses Now Available Online
Since the 1980s, John and Martha King have educated countless aviators through their video courses. Now, they’re making their King Knowledge Test Courses even more accessible to pilots everywhere by puttingreadback them online at The courses will work on any computer with high-speed Internet. No matter which computer you use, when you return to your course, it will show you where you left off. Plus it will retain a history of everything you’ve done so you’ll always know your progress. King Courses are specially designed to utilize the power of the computer. John comments, “Before we came out with a web version, we wanted to make sure the courses operated without delay, so customers would have the same satisfying experience that our CD and DVD courses provide. I’m happy to say that we’ve met that goal.” For more information, contact King Schools at (800) 854-1001.


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