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Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 2008 Readback

Electric LSA Are Charging Up

Randall Fishman’s ElectraFlyer-C monoplane can fly for 1.5 hours on 75 cents of lithium-polymer battery power. Fishman aims to wed one of his larger motor-battery power packs with a two-seat aircraft.

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Advanced Training For Flight Instructors
readbackASA’s new guidebook, Train Like You Fly by Arlynn McMahon, shows flight instructors how to implement scenario-based training (SBT) into their teaching methods to help students train like they fly so they fly like they train. Unlike maneuver-based training in which individual maneuvers are isolated and learned out of context, SBT is about the big picture and the integration of all the elements necessary for successful flight. SBT teaches students to consider all aspects of a flight from beginning to end. SBT has been well-received, but until now, there have been few guidebooks available for pilots and instructors that demonstrate its everyday usage and daily application. To learn more, contact ASA at (800) ASA2FLY.

readbackFrom The Golf Course To The Concourse
West Coast Trends, makers of the Club Glove for golfers, has designed a new seven-piece Flight Bag Ensemble for pilots. Jeff Herold, West Coast’s president and CEO, is a private pilot who began his flight training in 1997. “My pilot friends observed the success of the Club Glove luggage line on the PGA Tour and started coaxing me into making custom luggage just for them,” says Herold. After months of designing, testing and redesigning, the company came up with a seven-piece Flight Bag Ensemble, which includes the two-piece Piggy Back II carry-on, a flight bag, a gear bag, two clothing organizers and a travel kit. To place an order, call West Coast Trends at (800) 736-4568.

readbackDynon’s Next-Generation Platform
Dynon Avionics offered a peak at its next-generation, glass-cockpit EFIS technology at AirVenture 2008. The new system is slated to be released in phases starting in 2009. It will offer the complete full-panel integration that has formerly been exclusive to the most expensive glass cockpits. In contrast to its current line of self-contained products, the next-generation system will be modular in design. Separating the displays from other components allows customers to start with the number of screens of their choosing. From there, they can build a custom system by adding modules that are right for a specific aircraft and budget. Other possibilities include using multiple ADAHRS modules for flight-instrument redundancy. Stand-alone PFDs, engine monitors and moving maps can all be configured with this modular system. The screens are anticipated to all be less than three inches deep, improving installation options for customers with tandem-seat aircraft or minimal space behind their instrument panels. LED-backlit screens will be available in seven- and 10-inch versions. To learn more, contact Dynon Avionics at (425) 402-0433.

readbackMore Weather Data & An Enhanced Cockpit Experience
From WSI Corporation comes the latest version of its WSI InFlight Software (for use with EFBs and Windows XP–equipped PCs). Version 4.1 is designed to ease a pilot’s flying experience in the cockpit and offer additional weather data. All functionality is now available in a single window. Controls for displaying different types of weather information have been simplified, and time and altitude “sliders” now enable users to easily select past, present or forecasted conditions at various altitudes. Among the new features is an icing product that depicts areas of probable icing (and its severity at 15 altitudes up to FL240) and areas of supercooled large-droplet icing. To learn more, contact WSI Corporation at (800) USA-2FLY.

readbackG1000 Training From Jeppesen
Jeppesen now offers several computer-based training programs for the Garmin G1000. Developed with input from Garmin, Jeppesen G1000 Training—Core Functions and VFR Procedures teaches the skills required to confidently and proficiently fly the G1000. Scenario-based, guided simulation provides comprehensive and recurrent knowledge of all core functions and tasks required for VFR flight. Jeppesen CFI Toolset—G1000 Visual Tools is a computer-aided instructional application for students and CFIs. The program enables pilots to successfully transition from steam-gauge cockpits to the glass flight deck. Jeppesen G1000 Training—IFR Procedures focuses on advanced functionality and procedures used when flying in IFR conditions. For more information, contact Jeppesen at (800) 621-5377.


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