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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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The Pacific Prowler, a Texas-based nonprofit organization, is looking for GA pilots who can fly the group’s North American B-25 Mitchell bomber and a C-47 Gooney. This is tax-deductible and includes a type rating with second-in-command privileges in either aircraft. Pilot-in-command training also is available. “A pilot who wants to get typed in a B-25 can expect to pay $40K-$60K,” the Prowler’s chief instructor Scott Perdue says, “but a Prowler Commander can get the same type rating for around $25K with us.” The group intends to add a T-28 Trojan, L-39 Jet and an A-26 Invader to their fleet. Visit

3,600th Power Flow Exhaust System
Power Flow shipped its 3,600th tuned exhaust system to a Cardinal RG owner. “In some ways, it’s like upgrading to a larger engine,” said Darren Tilman, general manager for Power Flow. “You get more torque and better performance to increase your aircraft’s utility, but you don’t have to deal with the extra weight or anything close to the cost of a bigger engine. Plus, a new exhaust system can be installed in just a few hours.” The system is offered with a 60-day trial and a full-refund return policy. There’s also a one-year/500-hour warranty. Visit

Three-Blade MT Prop For Husky
An STC has been approved to install three-blade MT composite propellers on the Aviat Husky. This upgrade provides 17 pounds of weight savings, reduced noise and improvements in climb and cruise performance. Flight Resource founding partner and technical specialist Larry Schlasinger stated, “As a Husky owner and seaplane pilot myself, I am always looking for ways to get the most performance out of my planes. This upgrade hit all marks.” Visit, and

TSO For L-3 Trilogy ESI-2000
L-3 Avionics received the FAA’s TSO authorization for the Trilogy EST-2000 Electronic Standby Instrument with battery backup. “Many of today’s aircraft are operated solely by reference to electronically displayed flight information, which significantly increases reliance on the electrical system,” said Larry Riddle, vice president of business development for L-3 Avionics. “The Trilogy ESI-2000 gives pilots the clarity and precision they are accustomed to seeing on a primary flight display, while also acting as a safeguard against possible electrical failure.” Visit


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