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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

November 2010 Readback

Fly A Warbird


A Single-Piece Solution
The SkyTab 2350 EFB reduces pilot workload, simplifies flight operations and provides greater situational awareness. The compact EFB handles advanced software applications and has multiple hard-drive options and integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communications. The sunlight-readable, 10.4-inch display offers superior readability. Removable grips enable day-to-day use. Contact: IMS Flight Deck, (714) 854-8600,

Advanced Tailwheel Training
This new training DVD from Damian DelGaizo and Andover Flight Academy takes tailwheel training beyond earning tailwheel endorsement. It builds on the tailwheel basics introduced in the first DVD, Tailwheel 101, and teaches advanced techniques including short-field operations, advanced slips and precautionary off-airport landings. Andover Flight Academy is based at Andover-Aeroflex Airport in New Jersey. Its flightline includes a Top Cub, J-3 Cub and a 1943 Boeing Stearman. The DVD is directed by Michael Palermo and produced by Barnstormer Pictures. Contact: Barnstormer Pictures, (888) 227-5958,

All-In-One EFB
ChartBook 2 from FlightPrep is a ready-to-go EFB. It comes preloaded with ChartCase Professional, which includes sectional charts, approach plates and airport diagrams that are all georeferenced. It includes a WAAS-capable GPS receiver, and is XM-weather and Zaon-traffic ready with optional receivers. The unit measures 8.9x6.5x1 inches and features a Solid State Disk without altitude limitations. Windows programs such as Microsoft Office can be accessed via a convertible keyboard. Contact: FlightPrep, (503) 678-4360,

Square Chart Plotter
ASA offers a new chart plotter that measures 51⁄8 inches square. It features 5 and 10 nm radius rings and a 2 nm grid on a 1:500,000 scale for accurate measurements and alignment. Constructed from Lexan, it’s durable and won’t melt, warp or break in extreme temperatures. The design allows pilots to define a route of flight and determine true course for each leg by reading the value directly off the outer compass rose. ASA guarantees this product for life. Flight students will appreciate not only that the plotter simplifies flight planning, but that its small size takes up minimal space in a flight bag. Contact: ASA, (800) 272-2359,

Glasses Solution
Instrument students who wear reading glasses will benefit from Sporty’s new Instant IFR Training Glasses paired with Stick-On Reading Lenses. The removable and reusable lenses are optically correct and attach directly to the clear portion of the IFR Training Glasses. This eliminates the need to wear two pairs of glasses. The Instant IFR Training Glasses features telescoping temples and precision frosting. Contact: Sporty’s, (800)-SPORTYS,

Logbook For iPhone
LogTen Pro from Coradine Aviation Systems is a major update to their iPhone logbook software. The portable electronic logbook includes features that let pilots track trips independently of flights as well as trip expenses. Users can generate and view reports on their iPhone, and then publish them to Coradine’s website to share online. Other new features include a database of 28,000 global airports and the ability to attach photos taken with an iPhone. There’s also a desktop version, LogTen Pro Mac, available for Mac users. Contact: Coradine,


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