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Monday, October 1, 2007

October 2007 Readback

oshkosh 2007More than 560,000 visitors and 10,000 airplanes flocked to Oshkosh, Wis., for EAA AirVenture 2007. There was something for everyone, including daily air shows featuring performers such as the Red Barons, Patty Wagstaff and Michael Goulian.
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Jeppesen E-LearningJeppesen E-Learning
Now available by Jeppesen are interactive E-Learning programs for Garmin panel-mount avionics systems as well as Garmin and Lowrance portable GPS units. The programs are scenario-based, with guided simulation training. Courses include Garmin GNS 530W/430W, basic VFR and IFR, Garmin GPSMAP 196, 296, 396 and 496, and Lowrance Airmap 2000c, 1000c and 500c. Later this year, courses for the Garmin G1000 system will be available as well.

Together with the FAA, Jeppesen produced AC 91-78, which states that electronic flight bags (EFBs) and electronic chart displays (ECDs) can legally be used during all phases of flight in lieu of paper documentation, and as long as the guidelines in the AC are followed, no specific authorization is required for Part 91 flyers. More information is available at and

Rate Reductions
Avemco Insurance Company announced at Oshkosh that it has lowered its rates and broadened its coverage on many technically advanced aircraft, including all Cirrus and Columbia models, as well as the Diamond DA42 Twin Star. Also, qualified customers will be eligible for higher liability limits up to one million combined single limit. “We’re constantly monitoring our underwriting results,” stated Avemco EVP Jim Laureman, “to ensure that we’re charging a rate that’s adequate to promptly pay for all covered claims and also provide the best possible long-term return on our stockholders’ investment.” Get your quote at

Evolution Flight Display System Evolution Flight Display System
Aspen Avionics introduced its Evolution Flight Display, a modular glass-cockpit system comprised of a PFD, starting at $5,995, and two MFD screens, starting at $4,995. Owners can upgrade their “six pack” to glass-cockpit technology all at once or in stages. “We believe that installing the latest avionics technologies and safety advances shouldn’t have to mean emptying your bank account,” said Aspen Avionics VP of Marketing Doug Cayne. The EFD1000 slides into three-inch instrument panel cutouts, and different software turns each EFD1000 into one of three levels of a PFD or an MFD. Get yours at

Parachutes On JetsParachutes On Jets
Epic Aircraft flew both of its new VLJs, the twin-engine Elite and the single-engine Victory, to EAA AirVenture this year amidst much fanfare. “There’s a tremendous amount of excitement when a new jet is unveiled,” Epic CEO Rick Schrameck remarked. “But when you unveil two new jets at the same time, now that’s a very big deal!” Ballistic Recovery Systems announced an agreement with Epic to install its parachutes on the new Victory jet, which will carry four to five passengers to 28,000 feet at speeds in excess of 320 KTAS. “The level of safety provided by a BRS system is becoming increasingly important to pilots and passengers,” said BRS VP of Sales John Gilmore. “The consumer is now telling the aircraft companies the level of safety they expect in airplanes, and the companies are responding.” Learn more at and


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