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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

October 2009 Readback

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Austro Certification For Diamond
Diamond Aircraft has received FAA certification for its Austro Engine AE300. The jet-fuel-burning, 170 hp, turbodiesel piston engine offers single-lever thrust control and electronic engine management. This certification paves the way for FAA validation of the EASA type certificate for the DA42 NG (expected late-Q3 2009).

Diamond Aircraft and Garmin have announced a new factory-equipped glass-cockpit solution for the DA20-C1 two-seat trainer. The 2010 DA20 with Garmin G500 will be available for delivery starting October 2009. Visit, and

New Lycoming Engines
The maiden flight of Lycoming’s iE2 (integrated electronic engine) on an OEM airframe occurred on July 2, when Lancair flew its TEO-540-EXP iE2-powered Evolution into Oshkosh. “The promise of single-lever operation, automated preflight safety checks [and] automotive start simplicity will dramatically reduce pilot workload and revolutionize the general aviation landscape,” says Ian Walsh, Lycoming’s senior vice president and general manager. The 350 hp, high-performance, twin-turbocharged TEO-540-A1A is the first iE2 engine model planned for FAA certification.

Flight-testing on the production version of Lycoming’s IO-233-LSA began in August. Introduced at EAA AirVenture 2008, the IO-233-LSA has been further optimized based on customer feedback, engineering development and prototype testing. The IO-233-LSA will be an FAA-certified gas engine with multiple continuous power ratings as high as 116 hp. Lycoming expects to start shipping noncertified IO-233s in Q4 2009. Engine certification and certified engine shipment are slated for early 2010. Visit

New Avidyne For Cirrus
Avidyne has released a new FMS400 flight management system. Additionally, Entegra Release 9 now comes in configurations reflecting three different price points. “The FMS400 configuration allows Cirrus owners who don’t require full WAAS precision-approach capability to enjoy the advanced yet easy-to-use Entegra Release 9 and FMS functionality,” said Avidyne COO Patrick Herguth. The Silver, Gold and Platinum configurations of Entegra Release 9 provide dual FMS900w (WAAS precision approach) or dual FMS400 (non-WAAS) FMS capability, as well as single and dual ADAHRS configurations. Avidyne is currently including a free upgrade to Synthetic Vision with all FMS900w-capable systems. Visit

Jeppesen & Aspen Avionics
Jeppesen and Aspen Avionics have partnered to incorporate the Aspen Avionics Evolution Flight Display system into a full Jeppesen data solution. The system will utilize an aggregated NavData, obstacle, terrain and cultural database, which will be updated via the Jeppesen Services Update Manager data-delivery tool. Visit and

Blackhawk Caravan Upgrade
Blackhawk Modifications’ new 850 shp P&W PT6A-42A provides an extra 175 shp to the Grand Caravan. Certification is expected in Q4 2009. “This engine is a game-changer for the ‘workhorse’ Caravan—now it’s a powerhouse performer with incredible flexibility,” said Blackhawk President and CEO Jim Allmon. Visit


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