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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

October 2010 Readback

Sport Pilots In The Bahamas!


Digital Kneeboard
The Thiphone acts as a kneeboard for your iPhone, using suction to hold your device in place, while still allowing it to be rotated 360 degrees as needed. It sits at an angle on your thigh and tilts your iPhone toward your face, making it easy to read. Contact: Thiphone,

Flight Plan on Your iPad
Foreflight Mobile HD, a flight- planning app for the iPad, has new capabilities: Touch Planning and Bring Your Own Procedures (BYOP). With Touch Planning, you can tap out your flight plans by touching different points on sectional or IFR en-route charts. Drag your finger to move waypoints and bend routes around weather, MOAs and restricted airspace. BYOP allows pilots to load their own digital terminal procedures or supplements directly into ForeFlight Mobile HD. Contact:

Perfect Fit
Headset manufacturer Lightspeed Aviation now offers lightweight sunglasses designed to fit comfortably under a headset, while allowing easy switching from regular glasses to sunshades in changing flight (and light) conditions. Lightspeed Aviation Optics are manufactured in Italy by Look Occhiali and are constructed from laser-cut stainless steel. They can be fitted with your eyeglass prescription. Contact: Lightspeed Aviation, (800) 332-2421,

New Headset
The new HMEC 461 headset from Sennheiser offers powerful connectivity options and is designed for battery operation. Battery life extends up to 30 hours. Additional features include a lightweight control unit that allows pilots to select a stereo or mono signal, or adjust right and left volume controls. Ear cups feature leather pads and Sennheiser’s NoiseGard technology reduces high-level continuous noise by about 90%. Cells phones and other audio sources can be connected to the unit; they will be silenced any time a radio signal is received. Contact: (860) 434-9190,


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