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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

October 2012 Readback

Skycatcher Moves Into Primary Category

Cessna is moving its 162 Skycatcher out of the light-sport-aircraft category and into the primary aircraft category in an effort to aid in the certification process with countries worldwide. Owners can still operate the aircraft with a sport- pilot license. "We're migrating to the primary category in the United States in order to be able to export the 162 into Europe," said Tracy Leopold, business leader for the Cessna 162. "The pilot can still operate the aircraft as an LSA, which makes this solution even more attractive to the Skycatcher customer. It's a unique, innovative product, and we're happy to have found a solution that keeps it available to our European customers, and will make the aircraft more available to customers in many more parts of the world." Cessna expects to begin deliveries of the Skycatcher into Europe in 2013. Visit

Rob Holland Sunglasses

VedaloHD has developed a new black Stritanium wrap frame that's named in honor of the current U.S. National Aerobatic Champion and air show performer Rob Holland. A portion of the proceeds from each pair of Rob Holland Special Edition sunglasses sold will go to Warrior Aviation's "Wings of Opportunity" program, which pledges to create opportunities for wounded warriors and their families. "I am extremely excited to launch this line of sunglasses with VedaloHD," said Rob Holland. "I fly a very high-performance show, and I require a high-performance pair of sunglasses. I'm thrilled that each pair sold will help Warrior Aviation and the amazing men and women that they serve." Visit and

TBM Elite

Daher-Socata announced certification of the new seating and cabin configuration on its latest version of its turboprop aircraft, the TBM 850 Elite. The Elite's middle seats can be oriented in a forward-facing position, while the rear seats are removable. In about 30 minutes, the aircraft can be reconfigured in a four-seat cabin, increasing the luggage-volume capacity by three and doubling the maximum luggage weight. Customer delivery of the Elite equipped with the new seats will start immediately, and this cabin enhancement is being applied to all previously delivered 2012 TBM 850s. Visit

Storm Aircraft

J. Phil McCoy, CEO of Light Sport America (LSA), announced that LSA has reached an agreement to purchase the assets of Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR Storm Aircraft. Upon acquisition, the factory will be relocated to the U.S. LSA will offer four Storm models—the all-composite Storm Rally, Rally Amphibious, the all-metal Century with tricycle gear and a tail wheel version. McCoy forecasts the company will hire up to 70 workers the first year and, over the next three years, increase their workforce to more than 125. He expects to be in full production by late in the third quarter of 2012. Visit

Cessna 182 On Jet A

Cessna Aircraft's Model 182 Skylane will now be available as the Turbo 182 NXT, equipped with a Safran-made SMA engine designed to run on Jet A aviation fuel. "The 230 horsepower Jet A engine offers customers increased range and greater payload capacity and doesn't sacrifice performance," said Jeff Umscheid, Cessna 182 business leader. "This plane offers significantly lower direct- operating costs due to the fact that Jet A fuel is typically more affordable and much more widely available." The Turbo 182 NXT burns 11 gallons of Jet A per hour, has an estimated max cruise speed of 155 knots and an estimated range at max cruise speed of 1,160 nm. Visit


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