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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

October 2012 Readback


Camera System

Mounting the Datatoys AV-HD Aircraft Camera System is a snap using the built-in two-inch LCD and one of the many camera mounts included in the system. A cigarette power-plug adapter allows 12V to 24V DC input from the aircraft, or use one of the two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries included with the AV-HD. Videos can be easily downloaded using the USB cable or straight from the SD card. Contact:

Aviation Art

Lise Lemeland, an aerobatic pilot as well as a painter, brings together her two passions in colorful oil paintings and works on paper and prints. Lemeland's patterned paintings combine cockpit views, aerobatic diagrams, aeronautical maps and airplanes, and have been exhibited nationally and internationally. Her works are part of the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum's permanent collection. She also paints commissioned works for individual airplane owners. Enter Win This for a chance to win an original commissioned painting (24x18 inches mixed media on paper) customized to feature an airplane of your choice and an agreed-upon color scheme/sectional map. Contact:

Flight Companion

The FC-1 Flight Companion is a new multifunctional electronics instrument that provides a variety of alerts to assist pilots with their cockpit-management functions. Capabilities include an altitude-alert system that alarms with a change of more than 100 feet (plus or minus) from a preset altitude, and a tank timer that provides a 30-minute tank countdown with an LED flash alert that the tank is being timed out. Contact: and

Instrument Flight Manual

The Instrument Flight Manual is written for the pilot desiring to add an instrument rating, as well as the instrument-rated pilot who needs a refresher. The 388-page book's five main sections cover airplane performance and basic instrument flying, navigation and communications, planning the instrument flight, the instrument flight and a syllabus for the instrument student and CFII. Numerous illustrations help visualization of the concepts. Contact:

Transaxle Tug

Priceless Aviation Products have introduced a "transaxle" to their 701 model tugs, used by owners of small to medium aircraft. It allows the tug to turn freely and eliminates the need to pick up and reposition the tug to make tight turns. Another advantage is that it reduces the amount of wear on tires during usage. Contact:

Part 135 Training

King Schools has released two new Part 135 Recurrent online training courses. The King Part 135 Initial and Recurrent Pilot Training courses easily fit into a company's training package to address all the general knowledge requirements of FAR 135.345. These online courses significantly reduce the classroom time required to address the training requirements, freeing up time from the trainer and allowing pilots to meet requirements on their own schedule. Operators with many pilots also have the option to receive regular reports on completion status for their pilots. Contact:


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