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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oshkosh 2012: Airborne Excitement

Aviation’s Mecca thrills again with a Cub homage, 200 mph electric flight and super-new goodies

Dual Electronics XGPS170 GPS + ADS-B Weather & Traffic Receiver
This palm-sized, powerful, multi-app unit fits on the glare shield or can be slapped on the windscreen with a simple rubber adapter.

The communications interface is Bluetooth instead of wifi. Apple OS and Android devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch etc.) can only connect with one WiFi network at a time, and thus also only work with one wifi accessory at a time. With Bluetooth connectivity, the unit can talk to multiple remote devices and leave the iPad or Android's WiFi free to connect to other WiFi devices. It will also connect to two iPads simultaneously.

The attractive XGPS170 lists for $799 and offers broad conformity with a number of apps including WingX Pro7, Global NavSource, i1000 Flight System and many more.

Dual Electronics

The internal WAAS GPS-based electronics can be used strictly as a GPS too. It integrates seamlessly with the iPad as if it was the internal GPS, to provide position data to any app you want to run on the tablet for flight, car, boat, hiking or other navigational needs. Just bring it along with the tablet and you're good to go anywhere and any way you like.

The five-hour battery recharges with USB, wall or auto-style connections and has a removable pop-up antenna. Contact:


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