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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Redbird Sponsors MyGoFlight's iPad EFB Challenge

Redbird Flight Simulations is now a sponsor of the MyGoFlight iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge Edition, a seminar and contest series challenging pilots to get the most out of their iPads and other tablet devices. This Challenge Edition series builds on the iPad Takes Flight! seminar series given by MyGoFlight, maker of premium iPad gear for pilots, to thousands of people over the past three years.

"Skilled iPad use in the cockpit in real time has become an essential tool for many pilots," said Charlie Gregoire, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Services, Redbird Flight Simulations. "We need to integrate iPad EFB use into the training environment during simulated flight. Our contribution to MyGoFilght focuses on exactly that."

Redbird's Cygnus system lets pilots connect their iPads directly to a simulator using any EFB app of their choosing (or multiple apps) and see position, speed and altitude exactly is if they were really in flight. "It makes for a much more immersive experience and will be on display in the MYGOFLIGHT booth during Oshkosh 2014," says Gregoire.

"Mastering the iPad as an EFB takes practice," said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight, "and that's exactly what our challenge gives pilots. Adding simulation to the challenge puts pilots under pressure, just as can happen in the real cockpit."

The iPad Takes Flight! EFB Challenge Seminar and Contest will run multiple times on the grounds of Oshkosh this summer. Sessions are set for Monday, July 28th & Wednesday, July 30th at 1pm and Friday, August 1st at 10am. All these sessions will be held in Forum 6. And Saturday, August 2nd, at 2pm in the AOPA seminar area. Starting with the Wednesday session, Redbird will work with MyGoFlight to incorporate live simulation use directly into the challenge.

Simulator integration will then be an option for iPad EFB Challenge Session leaders worldwide as they lead contestants and audience members through real-world scenarios using the paperless cockpit. Contest questions cover flight planning, as well as pre-flight and in-flight decisions for both VFR and IFR. Pilots can follow along on their own iPad to learn and test their own skills. Participants not only win cool prizes from MyGoFlight, but the best-of-the-best can advance to regional contests and the national event scheduled for Oshkosh in 2015.

MyGoFlight and IMC Club Chapters plan to deliver seminars and contests nationally. Flight schools and military and commercial operators are also welcome to participate. Interested operators should contact Charles Schneider on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 303.364.7400 x111 to discuss. . Information regarding upcoming seminars and progress of the EFB Contest can be followed on on Facebook on

"Our goal is helping all pilots make a successful transition from a paper to paperless cockpit," says Schneider. "They need to understand the gotchas, know the tips and tricks, and practice before they get in the cockpit so the EFB makes flying easier, safer, less stressful and more fun. This seminar and contest series is the most fun way we can think of to accomplish that."

Sponsors of the EFB Challenge include AOPA, AvWeb, Bad Elf, Levil, National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI), the Society of Aviation Flight Educators (SAFE), Flying Magazine, IMC Clubs, Lightspeed, Redbird Flight Simulations, Independence Aviation, and MYGOFLIGHT. If you would like to consider becoming a sponsor, please contact Charles Schneider on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 303.364.7400 x111.

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