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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Sept-Oct 2007 On The Radar

cirrus personal jetOn June 28, Cirrus Design Corporation finally lifted the veil on “the-jet,” the much-anticipated clean-sheet design for its “personal jet.” “We’re calling it a ‘personal jet’ not because of its size, but because it’s a natural extension of our SR22 line,” said Cirrus cofounder and CEO Alan Klapmeier. “Like the SR22, the-jet is designed to be owner flown, and it will be loaded with innovative features, including the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System. While it’s technologically advanced, it’s also designed to be exceptionally easy to fly, offering customers the opportunity to grow into yet another lifestyle change with Cirrus.” " />

garmin g600Save Cash With Garmin’s G600 Glass
Garmin has announced new savings programs on its popular panel-mount products. Customers will receive a $2,500 rebate off the new G600 retrofit avionics suite if two GNS 430Ws, two GNS 530Ws or a GNS 430W and 530W are purchased between March 1 and November 30, 2007. This savings is in addition to the “buy 2/buy 3” rebate, which allows customers to save $1,000 or $2,000, respectively, on the purchase of any combination of GNS 430W, 530W and GMX 200.

Garmin’s G600 incorporates two individual displays—a PFD and MFD—in a customized package designed for easy retrofit installation. The G600 communicates and integrates with Garmin’s WAAS-enabled panel-mount products, and provides essential information such as attitude, air data, weather, terrain and traffic. This critical information is displayed in a user-friendly presentation so that pilots can quickly and efficiently scan the data and stay ahead of the aircraft during all phases of flight.

The G600 replaces traditional mechanical gyroscopic flight instruments with a solid-state attitude heading reference system (AHRS) for superior reliability and accuracy. Garmin’s AHRS features rapid alignment while moving, including in-flight dynamic restarts.

Garmin anticipates that the G600 will receive the FAA’s Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certification (AML STC), which will simplify certification for approximately 400 different aircraft models. Garmin plans to roll out the G600 in phases to accommodate various autopilots on the market. The G600 will include a complete autopilot interface that will allow it to communicate with the autopilot, and display and control essential features such as flight director command bars, heading and course selection, altitude preselect and roll steering. In the initial phase, the G600 will support many popular autopilots including the Honeywell/Bendix-King KAP 100, KAP 140, KAP 150, KAP 200; Century Flight Systems Century II, Century III, Century 21, Century 31; Cessna/ARC 400B Nav-O-Matic; and S-TEC System 20, System 30, System 40, System 50, System 55, System 55X. Future phases will include autopilot support for the Honeywell/Bendix-King KFC 150, KFC 200, KFC 225, KFC 250, KFC 300, KFC 325; Century Flight Systems Century IV, Century 2000, Century 41; S-TEC System 60; Cessna/ARC 300 IFCS, 400 IFCS, 800 IFCS; Rockwell/Collins APS 65; and Sperry SPZ-500.

The G600 includes the GDU 620 display/control unit, GRS 77 AHRS, GDC 74A digital air data computer, GMU 44 triaxial magnetometer and GTP 59 temp probe. The G600 has a suggested retail price of $29,772; it should be available in mid-2008. Learn more at www.garmin.com.


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