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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pilot Careers 2010: A Brave New World

With the industry showing signs of life, preparation and training soon will meet opportunity for prospective pilots


Paying for flight training is one of the greatest barriers to pilot candidates. Since financial aid is a science in itself, we offer some great resources to get you started. Most offer lists and information via the Internet.
Able Flight Scholarship source. Awards flight scholarships to individuals with disabilities.
FAA Education Resources

The FAA’s Scholarships & Grants page. Lots of information on aviation-specific scholarships.

University Aviation Association (UAA)

Excellent listing of aviation scholarships. Includes a link to a free Collegiate Aviation Scholarship Listing (normally $20.00).


A student’s gateway to aviation financial-aid information. On of the web’s best financial resources for pilots.

Aviation Scholarships

Website consolidates aviation-scholarship information in one place.

Women in Aviation International (WAI)

This organization has a tremendous list of scholarships for aviation. They’ve awarded 4.5 million dollars over the past 10 years.

Department of Education

The best guide to financial aid is the booklet “Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid.” You can access it here for free. or call (800) 4-FEDAID

Vertical Flight Foundation

Scholarships for helicopter training.

National Business Aviation Association scholarships

Part of NBAA. Several scholarships are available.

GI Bill The post-9/11 GI Bill contains all new provisions that could get you completely trained at virtually no cost. Contact the Department of Veteran’s Affairs at

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