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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Learn to Fly: A Practical Guide

Today, it’s easier than ever to fulfill your dream of flying

App Description

Student pilots should carry a copy of the FAR/AIM with them at all times for study and quick reference. This app is from ASA, and includes everything the paper version has, along with all the applicable federal aviation regulations. Lots of cool search features, too.

$9.99 in the App Store.

Live ATC

In the old days, aviation scanners allowed students to learn radio communications. Today, this app lets you listen to over 550 live ATC feeds anywhere you have an internet connection.

$2.99 in the App Store. (NOTE: designed for the iPhone but can be scaled up on the iPad screen.)

LogTen Pro

Paper logbooks can easily get lost, stolen or damaged. This app makes it easy to log time and stay legal, all the while making your data safe. Allows your instructor to sign off each flight, too.

$79.99 in the App Store.

Airplane Flying Handbook

The official FAA book. One of the best student pilot resources of the last 30 years. App includes table of contents for quick access to each section.

$1.99 in the App Store.

Aviation Weight And Balance

Super useful app to calculate weight and balance before every flight. Designed by pilots. You can build your own aircraft's numbers or use a pre-loaded template.

$9.99 in the App Store.

Sporty's E6B flight Computer

Sporty's E6B app is the best version to come along since the original mechanical E6B in the 1930s. Expands on all the features of the traditional E6B, including 23 aviation functions, 20 conversions and timer features.

$9.99 in the App Store.


Useful tool excels as supplemental weather tool. Provides accurate, looping radar picture. Great for analyzing precipitation and thunderstorms.

Free in the App Store.


Handy little app allows you to load all your favorite airports and see their ATIS/AWOS in a columnar format. Great for quick flight-plan updates or $100 hamburger runs.

Lite version is free in App Store.
Pro version $4.99.

Sporty's Learn To Fly Course

Excellent ground school course. Includes 20 hours of video training modules for private pilot, sport pilot or recreational pilot. Includes written test prep and sample tests. Features written test endorsement after completing.


Complete electronic flight bag app. Includes VFR flight-plan filing and weather briefings, digital sectionals and airport/facility directory, in-flight navigation (with a GPS), in-flight weather (from Stratus ADS-B or XM), instrument en route and approach charts. Excellent backup to paper.

$74.99 annual subscription in App Store. (includes all VFR/IFR charts and updates for the U.S.)


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