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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Many Roads To Aviation

Real pilot stories show how passion and dedication equal flight-training success

Flight Training 101

Visit Plane & Pilot’s website for information on flight schools, financial resources, sport pilot training, advanced ratings, flying careers and much more! proficiency/flight-training/learning-to-fly-20-cooler-safer-and-more-fun-than-ever.html
Modern flight training is far different from what you might expect. Check out the latest information. proficiency/flight-training/learn-to-fly-fun-things-you-can-do-with-your-certificate.html Once you have your certificate, we give you ideas for what to do next. /proficiency/ flight-training/stretching-your-wings.html Once you’ve earned your certificate, advanced training will make you a better, safer pilot. proficiency/ flight-training/ticket-to-ride.html The sport pilot certificate is one of the best innovations in modern piloting. proficiency/ flight-training/the-right-way-to-the-left-seat If airline flying is for you, we cover all the details of getting into a commercial cockpit. All kinds of free materials and information to get you started on your quest for the sky.


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